life coach business 200x300 Are You in the Life Coach Business? Really?Do you ever feel a bit strange when someone asks you what business you’re in? Does it feel a bit onerous to try to give your 15-second “elevator speech” about something as new and complex as the life coach business?

My wife and I are currently visiting friends and family in Germany.  Besides being a so-so German speaker (my wife is German, not me), I am also rather slow when it comes to projecting myself in social situations. So, as you can imagine, I was a little slow to respond when a wealthy family member popped the question recently – in German, of course – “Was ist in America Deinem Geschaeft?” (What is your business in America?)

I decided to take the coward’s way out.  “Ich bin Ein Kiropraktor,” I mumbled proudly.

The fact is, I’ve not been licensed as a Chiropractor since 1992, but I didn’t want to take the time to explain this new profession called the “life coach” business.  It takes too long and, besides, my German is really bad and my translator wife was busy with another discussion.  So I again assumed the role of chiropractor – something with which most Germans have a passing familiarity. Although I normally answer straight away when asked that question in English, I noticed I fell back into my old bad habits when faced with this more difficult task.

Do you do sometimes feel pressed or awkward when asked the same question? Assuming that both you and the questioner speak the same language this should not be difficult. If it is, you might look to create a better presence for both yourself and others by taking the following steps:

  1. Smile and stand up (or sit up) straight!  While this may seem very basic and simple, it is a powerful way to tell both your subconscious mind – and that of your listener – that what you are about to say is important.
  2. Hold a sense of caring in your eyes.  If others sense you care for the problems and needs of others, they will listen more closely.  If they feel you are bragging or attached to the details of your work, they will tune you out.Looking them in the eyes is also the most direct way to impart this caring.
  3. Hold a sense of wealth in your heart.  If you are weak and poor, what value do you have for others?  Your listener will sense whether or not you fee worth the money you are (or should be) asking.  And this will come out through your body language, words and tone.  To express your value, you must first feel it strongly inside!
  4. Speak firmly and directly to the person.  Tell them what they asked for, and nothing more (this is where that 15-second elevator speech works best).  Then turn the subject to them and their job or profession, and how what you do might help their needs.  Most people are simply being polite in asking about you, and would rather talk about themselves.  If you act proactively to MAKE it about them, they will remember you, and may ask you more details about your life coach business. 

Once a person senses you value yourself, your work, and can meet their needs by providing recognition or service, they will either follow up with you, or refer you to someone who is ready for life coaching.  The main thing YOU have to do is to make sure you have your INNER work done.  I have written a book called The Money Matrix Method – available on Amazon and elsewhere – that will provide some powerful tools to help you as a small business person strengthen your inner sense of worth and ability to take positive action in your life coach business – or any business for that matter! Watch this free video now!