Results Coaching Update:

When you hear the term Results Coaching what do you think of?  Normally you would think of trying to elicit a specific outcome from coaching, right?  Obviously, but the best results coaching method is often elusive for several reasons:

  1. The goals or aim is not clearly defined
  2. The client is unaware of his or her own hidden agendas,
  3. Both coach and client are trying to “Fix” a condition that is subconsciously locked in., and
  4. The “Lag” time between the stated goal and the results is often too long.

Unless you as a coach have the right tool to ACCESS and CHANGE the actual DECISION that is at the root of the hidden agenda or self-sabotage, you and your client will never get the results you both seek.  What’s the answer?  The Logical Soul technique.  Add this to your arsenal of coaching tools, and you will not only be a powerful source for your client, you will begin to realize your OWN abundance and wellspring of solutions.

The other part of results coaching is to get a video (or written or audio) testimonial from your clients.  This way, others can see the “Social Proof” that your method and credibility are valued by others.  By adding more and more such testimonials, you can only add to your own motivation and results.

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