CoachTalk 205x300 What Kind of Life Coach Training Is Best?Life coach training – just like people – comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Before they became life coaches, most of them were already grounded in certain types of therapy, whether it be psychotherapy, hypnosis, law of attraction, NLP or relationship counseling. It stands to reason, therefore, that their approaches would be different. But so are the results. Let me explain…

Some therapies, quite frankly, bring about little or no lasting results. I call these the “feel good” modalities – things like affirmations, most energy work, and invocations of gods, goddesses, and past life beings. All are fun and entertaining, but I’ve personally found the results to be questionable or non-existent. (I know this because I’ve often USED these same modalities!)

The other side of the coin is just as non-productive. I call it “Over-Zealous Practitioner Syndrome.” A mentor of mine, Marshall Thurber, once said “You never know how far you can go until you’ve gone too far.” This is applicable to therapy as well as life.

Tiger Woods was programmed starting as a young child to be the best golfer in the world. And he became that. At the same time, however, his subconscious mind developed a split – a schism that allowed him to break down once his father or “handler” was no longer present! So how do you get the results you want with clients without going too far? There is a way.

In my early therapy sessions of the 1970’s and 80’s, I admit I went too far on occasion. using a mixture of confrontation and NLP, I was able to control the person’s behavior, but the results were sometimes scary and they ended up not coming back or continuing. Since a breakthrough experience happened during one session in 1992, however, I no longer feel the need to go too far too fast. I learned to respect the power within each of us, and to evoke it using a highly interactive technique that I stumbled upon during that amazing session…

So what kind of life coach training IS best?? I would image it is one where you learn to bring about RESULTS in your clients – results that are both desirable, long-lasting, and natural!

Whatever techniques or approaches you use, its only human for you to want your clients to get “better.” Just be aware that there is a fine line between providing a transformation experience for them, and interfering with or manipulating their subconscious minds in order to bring about this new experience.

You see, what I’ve found in my over 30 years of coaching and counseling, is that there is a definite intelligence that functions as our so-called “subconscious mind.”  This part of us is ALIVE – and knows all our tricks! It is, therefore, highly capable of knowing when we are manipulating it . . . and when we are sincere in our approach to change.

This subconscious being – while it respects the latter – will fight us tooth and nail if we attempt to “pave over the swamp.” While we may get results, these results will be more than offset by either a dysfunctional subconscious reaction, or a loss of the results within a short time. Both the conscious AND subconscious beings within your clients have to be “on board” with whatever therapy you choose as your vehicle for their transformation. If not, you will fail.LSBookCover What Kind of Life Coach Training Is Best?

So long as you treat your client’s subconscious mind as a “Thing” to be manipulated, changed, “programmed,” altered or “fixed” in any way, you will miss the point in life coach training entirely!  But here’s a better way…

In our life coach training books and courses, we offer to show you specifically how to approach your client’s  “subconscious mind” as a BEING instead of one part of the whole. (This “Logical Soul” approach, by the way, has been known for thousands of years, and is just now seeing the light of day in modern therapeutic methods.) This Being is one who makes tremendous things happen once the DECISIONS that guide its path is slightly altered. Get the book that started this revolution – The Logical Soul(R).

Below is a 2009 testimonial by Robert Posey after receiving relief after only 20 minutes from 3 years of anxiety.
“Don’t program the Subconscious.  Change the Decisions!”