If you are a Life Coach, like it or not you are also in business. What kind of business – and how successful it will be however – is a subject that most Life Coaches either ignore or fail to grasp in terms of significance. When I started my chiropractic practice back in the early 1980’s, I was fresh out of college and knew very little about business – except what I’d learned as a TM instructor in the 70’s.  Consequently I did all the wrong things in business and went belly-up in my practice within a year.  Later, I focused more on counseling using my particular... (Read More ...)

Life coaching courses can be found everywhere.  Do a Google search and you will come up with coaching training programs that range from a simple E-Course for $49 to those costing thousands of dollars. The main reason for this is simple:  Life coaching itself has no specific requirements, can be done by anyone who wants to call themselves a “life coach,”  and life coaching courses themselves are based ona wide-open field of study – one that involves both life experiences as well as skills.  So if you are thinking of becoming a life coach, where do you start?  The first place... (Read More ...)