If you have been coaching or counseling for any length of time, you already know that Self-Sabotage runs deeper than most of your clients realize. Most will try to cover up the sabotage, i.e., try to “look good” in spite of the fact that his or her life may be falling apart! Most people who suffer from self-sabotage may not even be aware they are doing it. In these cases, your coaching can provide a great service by merely pointing out the offending behavior and letting them self-correct. Getting clients beyond their self-stopping usually involves the following 4 Steps: Helping the... (Read More ...)

Why the Self-Sabotage? Does your life coaching client engage in self-sabotage so often that you sometimes think they should hold seminars on the subject?  Does this behavior frustrate you??  If so, check this out . . . Self-sabotage is rampant in today’s society.  It is, in fact, a form of “negative intuition” that leads the person addicted to it into strange, and often destructive, behaviors or results. Quite often the one engaging in the self-sabotage is unaware they are even doing it!   They are so used to that inner voice telling them what to do and how to act, they... (Read More ...)

Muscle Testing In previous posts I spoke about “detoxing” the mind, and how and why this is important.  Before you can do that with yourself or your client, however, you must be able to determine the LEVEL and DEGREE of underlying toxicity. The key to this lies in being able to communicate with the keeper of all hidden information –   the Subconscious mind – through a technique popularly known muscle testing. Did you know you can “read” your subconscious almost as easily as you can read the morning paper?  Let me explain… Your so-called “subconscious... (Read More ...)

Mental Detox?? Do you or your Life Coaching client have “Mental Toxicity”? If so, you might need to do – or suggest – a “mental detox” so you can start eliminating self-sabotage in some area of your life, and simultaneously discover your vast inner potential.  Here’s how it works…  Let’s say you have a problem you want cleared up.  Somehow, though, it always seems to hang around and return in your life over and over again.  I call this ‘mental toxicity‘ because you are still running subconscious programs that keep attracting... (Read More ...)

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?   If so, you are in good company.  Some of the most successful people in the world do also. “But,” you might add, “it doesn’t really work for me or my Life Coaching clients.” Doesn’t it?  Or does it work precisely because you (or your clients) don’t believe it can?! Let’s look at this a little deeper . . . The Law of Attraction states, in essence, that you attract into your life PRECISELY what you believe. However this law, like the law of gravity, also operates without judgment, favoritism, morality, or... (Read More ...)