sawing computer 300x199 Do Your Life Coaching Clients Self Sabotage?

Why the Self-Sabotage?

Does your life coaching client engage in self-sabotage so often that you sometimes think they should hold seminars on the subject?  Does this behavior frustrate you??  If so, check this out . . .

Self-sabotage is rampant in today’s society.  It is, in fact, a form of “negative intuition” that leads the person addicted to it into strange, and often destructive, behaviors or results. Quite often the one engaging in the self-sabotage is unaware they are even doing it!   They are so used to that inner voice telling them what to do and how to act, they are oblivious to the subtle switches that trigger the hidden decisions and their resulting behavior.

“Hidden decisions” are the key.  Without these inner “bugs,” your client’s intent would no doubt lead to much different results . . . ones they consciously want.  The self-sabotaging decisions, however, demand that he or she be or act a certain way.  This, in turn, sets in motion the wrong action for what he or she SAYS they want to accomplish.  
Setting goals is a perfect example.  In life coaching, having your client set and achieve goals are a big part of measuring his or her progress.  Let’s say they need to complete a report and submit it to their customer by a given deadline in order to be considered for a big contract.  So he or she sets a goal to have it in by Monday.  Monday comes and goes . . . and your client’s prospect finds a competitor who gets the job instead. 

As a life coach, you are aware that scolding the client does no good.  Heck, THEY usually scold themselves!!  So what happened?  What is the mechanism that takes place whereby a perfectly sane person does something perfectly insane, and loses out??  I call it the “Error Cycle of Manifestation.” This is a condition whereby the “normal cycle”, i.e., from thought to achievement to fulfillment – is interrupted by some hidden decision that runs contrary to the person’s intent.  The result is self-sabotage.

You as a life coach need to be aware of the cycles of manifestation and the client’s REAL underlying motivation so that you can address the ROOT CAUSE of the sabotage, and not just focus on the outer results, i.e., goal achievement.  Scolding a tree for producing dead leaves, for example, does no good.  You must first apply water to the ROOT of the tree before the leaves will start to feel the nourishment arising from within and expressing itself as greenery!!

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