BrainMachine 300x224 How Do You Eliminate Mental Toxicity?

Mental Detox??

Do you or your Life Coaching client have “Mental Toxicity”? If so, you might need to do – or suggest – a “mental detox” so you can start eliminating self-sabotage in some area of your life, and simultaneously discover your vast inner potential.  Here’s how it works…
Let’s say you have a problem you want cleared up.  Somehow, though, it always seems to hang around and return in your life over and over again.  I call this ‘mental toxicity‘ because you are still running subconscious programs that keep attracting the problem, not the solution.  The resulting inner conflict leads to self-sabotage and failure.  So what do you do?  

Eliminating self-sabotage (mental or emotional toxicity) in any area of life, it is first necessary to create what Robert Fritz refers to in his book The Path of Least Resistance (Fawcett Columbine, 1989) as “Structural Tension.” This is a method whereby you create an affirmation or statement that expressly chooses the OPPOSITE of the current problem.  

For example, let’s say you want a loving relationship but always seem to attract folks who either don’t love you, don’t accept you, or who you have little or no feeling for yourself.  A Structural (or Dynamic) Tension statement would go something like this:
“I choose to have a loving, lasting relationship.”  
When you test this statement to see if the BODY/SUBCONSCIOUS says its true.  Chances are, your body and subconscious will give you a resounding “NO.”  Mental toxicity is very persistent – and very subtle.  Once you have the proper tools to be able to detect his (i.e., Logical Soul® Life Coach Training), you can start to solve all your problems – or those of your clients.  But not before.