muscle testing

Muscle Testing

In previous posts I spoke about “detoxing” the mind, and how and why this is important.  Before you can do that with yourself or your client, however, you must be able to determine the LEVEL and DEGREE of underlying toxicity. The key to this lies in being able to communicate with the keeper of all hidden information –   the Subconscious mind – through a technique popularly known muscle testing.

Did you know you can “read” your subconscious almost as easily as you can read the morning paper?  Let me explain…
Your so-called “subconscious mind” is actually a huge force that is the sum total of all experiences, decisions, and sensory input you have received – not only since you were born, but also the things you inherited from your parents and ancestors!  While this “inner being” goes by many names, the main thing to know is that it will definitely give you “yes” or “no” answers whenever you are faced with a decision.  

In The Logical Soul and Money Matrix Method I teach a technique that involves simple muscle testing, but you can get the gist of it even quicker than that if you just pay attention.  

For example, have you ever had a coaching client tell you they were really clear about doing or wanting something, but somehow you got the feeling they weren’t being honest with themselves? This is a common problem in coaching that is easily remedied. Have them stick out their arm and test it while having them say out loud the affirmation or statement “I choose blah blah blah.”  When the arm goes weak, indicating a “false” statement, it is a very graphic demonstration to the client that your hunch was in fact correct!  And nothing will build trust faster and more solidly than a graphic demonstration.  
Now is this demonstration always effective?  No, but if your hunch is really strong, it probably will be. You can learn more about this in my book The Logical Soul, or by taking the Logical Soul Coach Training program coming up in mid-2012.