LakeSunset 300x225 The Law of Attraction and Self SabotageDo you believe in the Law of Attraction?  

If so, you are in good company.  Some of the most successful people in the world do also.

“But,” you might add, “it doesn’t really work for me or my Life Coaching clients.”

Doesn’t it?  Or does it work precisely because you (or your clients) don’t believe it can?! Let’s look at this a little deeper . . .

The Law of Attraction states, in essence, that you attract into your life PRECISELY what you believe. However this law, like the law of gravity, also operates without judgment, favoritism, morality, or without any regard for what you think your “level of consciousness” might be!

So what do you or your clients REALLY believe?  Do you (or they) even know??

Years of saying affirmations and setting goals will not make your dreams come true, any more than paving over a swamp will get rid of the swamp.  Only by actually getting into the muck and DRAINING the swamp can you ever achieve what you really want in the long run.  But traditional therapy takes a long time . . . too long in most cases.  It also costs a lot of money. That may be one of the reasons, in fact, that you became a life coach – not to dredge up the past, but to provide a way that your clients can discover the PRESENT moment and plan for the future. 

The fact is, however, the past is always in the present . . . and will always affect the future!  And neither you nor your clients – no matter how hard you try to ignore it – will escape this inevitability.  This is why The Logical Soul® and Money Matrix MethodTM techniques were developed.  Their discovery has opened up a whole new way of freeing yourself and your clients from those “Swamp Rats.”   After a few minutes of work using these techniques and the body/subconscious will begin to reveal things you never dreamed you would get answers on! 

PoorHouse 300x260 The Law of Attraction and Self SabotageHere are the two main obstacles you normally encounter, despite your efforts to avoid “digging up” the past:

  1. SELF-SABOTAGE is the aroma of that swamp arising to tell us something. Since we really don’t want to look at these things, however, we invented something else further to hide behind our fear . . .
  2. PROJECTION is the insidious way we put our problems outside ourselves and blame everyone from our noisy neighbor to God for our problems and discomfort.  We all do it to deflect the pain. But it never works in the long run.  

The Law of Attraction can actually be our guide to discovering exactly what we need to work on.  Want to know what that is?  Look around you. Every problem you have has come to you, courtesy of that law!

So simply pay attention! By “detoxing the mind” using a few simple techniques like The Logical Soul®, you can allow yourself to discover the underlying hidden decisions at the root of your personal Law of Attraction.  Here’s how it works  (by the way, I’ll be using the pronoun “you” during this example.  Understand, however, that this may also apply to your client if you are coaching them) . . .

LET’S SAY you want a lasting relationship, but never seem to find the right person. No matter what you do, you either can’t find the “right” him or her, or sabotage your chances if they ever DO show up. So what can you do?  Try harder?  

No.  Trying harder only brings about more frustration, pain, and more rejection.  Even setting goals in this direction will be futile until you get in touch with the inner decision.  The first thing to realize is that you DECIDED – maybe long ago as a child – that being alone was necessary for your survival. This hidden decision is still running your life, even though the survival need is no longer present!  there may be even deeper things, such as inherited parental or ancestral factors.

If you want a loving, lasting relationship, your inner (subconscious) decisions must be attuned to accept that reality, and your actions aligned to bring that about.  Mere wishing does not make it so.  

Many coaches use affirmations, hypnosis, modeling, NLP, tapping, and a host of other techniques to bring about a new “state” in the mind and physiology of the client.  Many times these methods work, but just as often – and usually more often – they don’t do the job long-term.  This is because a new “state” is difficult to permanently maintain.  The swamp eventually wins out over time.

This is the fault of neither the coach nor the client.  Its simply that these techniques do not change the actual hidden decisions that hold certain programming in place.  By changing the decision, however, the “state” of having a lasting, loving relationship will arise spontaneously . . . and is usually permanent!

If you are a Life Coach, add The Logical Soul® to your arsenal of methods.  You will find it the most practical and long-lasting way to overcome – in the words of Thomas Jefferson – “tyranny over the mind of man.”