Free mentoring training resources. In my previous mentoring training article, I wrote about volunteer mentorship. It’s a great opportunity to build experience as a mentor while also receiving mentoring training – often for free. As a child and teenager I was fortunate to have mentors in both my teachers and YMCA volunteers. These adults helped me gain perspective in life, and encouraged me to put my talents to use. They provided the guidance and wisdom necessary for me to achieve my goals. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering where you should get mentoring training... (Read More ...)

Market your own mentorship! When starting a business in mentorship, the first two things you’ll want to do is get a business name and a website. You’ll also want to get business cards and other things, but these aren’t as important. A business name (DBA is fine) and a website are enough to start your own business in mentorship. In fact, this is how many successful coaches and mentors I know started their businesses. What made the most difference was their ability to understand their market and properly target their service or product to that market. Who is your ideal customer?... (Read More ...)

Get a head start with life coaching tips. Coaching has existed for decades, so you can imagine that there are countless life coaching tips out there. Vikki Brock wrote in her dissertation “Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching”: “The data suggest that while the training of coaches and founding of professional associations occurred in the US in the early 1990s, coaching was a service offering in many different countries from the 1980s.” She went on to say that: “. . . coaching has a broad intellectual framework that draws on the synergy, cross-fertilization,... (Read More ...)

Find success with business coach training. If you’re thinking about business coach training, chances are you already have a background in building or working with successful businesses, managers, and executives. This is great, because business coaching is in demand. The 2012 “Business Coaching Market Research Report” by IBISWorld reports: “After taking a hit during the recession as consumers and companies cut nonessential spending, demand for business coaching is forecast to pick up. Consumers will update their skill sets to reenter the work force and companies will look... (Read More ...)

Life coaching and mentoring transform lives. When I first entered the world of life coaching and mentoring, I had trouble understanding the difference between the two. Was a mentor also a coach, and could a coach be a mentor? It got more confusing when I researched online and found conflicting definitions. Some websites even said mentoring and life coaching were the same thing. I can see how people might come to this conclusion. Life coaching and mentoring are two ways to transform people’s lives. They both help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Even the skills overlap, including... (Read More ...)

Life coach training doesn’t just teach you how to help your clients; it also teaches you how to help yourself. There are many wonderful techniques and strategies that can help you be a better life coach. Right now I want to share with you an often overlooked aspect of life coach training: taking full responsibility. Most of us believe that anything outside of us is not our problem. As a child, I strongly believed this to be true. When people were unkind to me or caused me grief, I saw it as their problem. My motto was a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing external to me has any... (Read More ...)

Finding opportunities to be a mentor is easy, as long as you’re not expecting to get paid. You can mentor new employees in your business, passing on your wisdom and knowledge of the profession. You can volunteer to mentor at-risk youths who desperately need guidance. You can even look into mentoring online with college students. What’s great about all of these options is that they provide you with the experience you need to be a professional mentor. Most will even give you training before you start. Not only is it easy to get started, but people actually enjoy mentoring. The MENTOR... (Read More ...)

Life coaching training is fun! There are many life coaching training programs and institutes. In fact, a Google search for “life coaching training” will give you a whopping 38,400,000 results. So how do you know which life coaching training is right for you? The truth is, you don’t need life coaching training to be a life coach. Having adequate life experience, a drive for success and helping people, and a company name (a DBA is fine) will get you started. However, a little bit of training can make a huge difference in your success. It’s also good to know what you’re... (Read More ...)

It’s easy to TALK about finding your coaching ‘Why’; but more difficult to actually do it!  In fact, you may be giving your coaching clients the same self-discovery advice, but still trying to figure out a “down and dirty” way to get this information out of them. Here’s how… Below is a video I did last year that demonstrates Muscle Testing, or Applied Kinesiology, and how you can use this unique feedback process to help your clients (and yourself) discover hidden motivations.    (Read More ...)

Why Discover Your Coaching ‘Why’…? In my Free Report “The 7 Mistakes Life Coaches Make in Their Business…” the #1 mistake is trying to serve everybody. In the report I talk about how you need to define your niche, and go DEEP, not wide. If you want to go deep, however, you need to have a good enough reason to do this. You need to LOVE your subject, or else others will pick up the fact that you don’t . . . and will turn away. IF, however, you have a “good enough ‘Why’” they will see that and flock to you in large numbers. Here’s... (Read More ...)

On the list of the 7 biggest mistakes Life Coaches make in their businesses, a “lack of Inner-Outer Congruence” is at or near the top.  Lack of Congruence is an important step in overcoming as part of your life coach training.  It basically means that you are not singing the same tune INSIDE as you are OUTSIDE. This is the single-most important factor keeping life coaches, business coaches and entrepreneurs small. This factor keeps you unable to act on opportunities, drive out fears, and grab success. I get to speak frankly on this subject while delivering some checks to the Post... (Read More ...)

Create your own mentoring jobs. Are you “energetic and cheerful” while also being “incredibly patient”? Can you be a dedicated “friend, role model, and motivator” to a youth or a peer? Most mentoring jobs ask for a LOT. They want you to be everything for next to nothing. Being the good-hearted people that we are, it’s easy to overlook this disparity and simply give it our best. And why not? Most of us find ourselves taking on mentoring jobs for free all the time with our friends, family, and acquaintances. When you have knowledge and experience, people... (Read More ...)

Law of attraction and affirmations are limited by your subconscious. The Law of Attraction, affirmations, and many other self-help techniques are useful tools to keep you on track, but often they just don’t cut it. There’s a good reason for this, and it lies in your subconscious – or what the Hawaiians call your Ku, the inner child. For years I’ve struggled with personal issues and negative patterns, throwing every technique I could at them. I dutifully recited and wrote affirmations as far back as my early teens, meditated daily, fought my negative thinking with Law of... (Read More ...)

Author: Arina The power of intention is a phrase we see and hear a lot, but a clear definition is hard to find. I like to think of it as the power that makes things happen and creates your reality. Your intentions are based on your desires and internal beliefs, and these inevitably become your actions and experiences in life. The power of intention is the force that allows us to achieve our goals and inevitably guides us through life. When attempting to use the power of intention to my advantage, my major block was realizing that false intentions can undermine you from the start. I would set out... (Read More ...)

Enrich your life with mentor training. Mentor training involves many of the basic skills addressed in life coach training but with a different goal in mind.  Depending on the type of mentoring you wish to do, training can be as easy as taking a single course to get started. Granted, these volunteer training programs probably won’t be advanced enough for the professional mentor, but they’re a great way to test the waters and find out if you’re ready to dive in. What many people forget is that mentor training begins with life experience. Growing up as an honor student, I was encouraged... (Read More ...)

Guidance is a crucial mentoring skill The first thing many people think of when it comes to mentoring skills is advice.  They assume that this is actually the definition of mentoring, i.e., giving advice to someone less experienced.  I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. Being an effective Guide to your protégé or mentee is much more powerful. By always giving the answers (advice), your protégé or mentee will not learn how to think for him or herself.  He or she will simply come to rely on you for all the answers, and often blindly accept them as fact.  Can you imagine if... (Read More ...)

Mentoring Skills are Vital Being a mentor can be extremely fulfilling for both you and your mentee. With the proper mentoring skills, you can forge a strong relationship that will encourage both of you to grow and develop in ways you may never have expected. What’s great about mentoring is that you can utilize a lot of the skills you may have already built up as a life coach. But what sort of mentoring skills do you need to be effective? The first, and arguably most important, mentoring skill is listening.  When I first started my life coaching practice, I was told how good a listener I... (Read More ...)

Are you a Coach or a Mentor? Do you consider yourself a Coach? . . . or a Mentor?  While the two terms are related in some ways, they are worlds apart in others. Coaching or mentorship? If you see yourself one way – and your client the other – there could be a conflict. Mentorship refers to a relationship of one who has a great deal of life experience or knowledge with one who is less experienced or knowledgeable.  The more knowledgeable person essentially helps guide a less knowledgeable person through the vagaries of life and experience. True mentorship is more than just the occasional... (Read More ...)

Where are the coaching jobs? Are you looking for coaching jobs and finding none for the taking?  If you are a business coach, or someone with a specific skill set, you may have it easier.  Its fairly simple to put a price tag on your expertise, and – chances are – there’s a company out there who could use that expertise. If you are a Life Coach, however, who do you approach?  That’s a tougher one.  Who is giving out coaching jobs there days?  It makes you wonder . . . but why? its in the nature of the beast itself. You see, as a “life” coach you are a bit... (Read More ...)

Is the power of positive thinking enough? As a Life Coach, it is very tempting to attempt to help a paying client as quickly and easily as possible.  often this means using “the power of positive thinking,” the Law of Attraction and affirmations as tools to (Read More …)  (Read More ...)