businesscoachtraining 150x150 Why Do You Need Business Coach Training?

Find success with business coach training.

If you’re thinking about business coach training, chances are you already have a background in building or working with successful businesses, managers, and executives. This is great, because business coaching is in demand. The 2012 “Business Coaching Market Research Report” by IBISWorld reports:

“After taking a hit during the recession as consumers and companies cut nonessential spending, demand for business coaching is forecast to pick up. Consumers will update their skill sets to reenter the work force and companies will look to provide better training programs for their staff.”

Now is the time to take action and build yourself a strong foundation for an expanding business. With a DBA you can go into business for yourself quickly and easily. However, business coach training will give you the skills and information you need to create lasting success.

Many members of my family are business owners. Each of them had to go beyond basic training and learn the everyday skills and knowledge that made their individual businesses successful. Each of them made mistakes that slowed them down or forced them to start over. With proper business coach training, you can learn how to avoid these mistakes and get started on the right track.

For example, do you know what clients are looking for in a coach? This information is extremely valuable. A survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review reported in 2009 the “Top 3 reasons coaches are engaged“:

  1. Develop high potentials or facilitate transition
  2. Act as a sounding board
  3. Address derailing behavior

I would definitely keep these three points in mind when pursuing business coach training. This is what people are looking for. If you can fulfill these needs for your clients, then you will have great value – and building value is a key component of successful coaching.

If you’re serious about business coaching and want to learn more about building a foundation for real success, I suggest you download Dr. Craig’s FREE report today.