TherapyNotes 300x199 Is There Value In Mentor Training?

Enrich your life with mentor training.

Mentor training involves many of the basic skills addressed in life coach training but with a different goal in mind.  Depending on the type of mentoring you wish to do, training can be as easy as taking a single course to get started. Granted, these volunteer training programs probably won’t be advanced enough for the professional mentor, but they’re a great way to test the waters and find out if you’re ready to dive in.

What many people forget is that mentor training begins with life experience. Growing up as an honor student, I was encouraged by my teachers and approached by peers to share my experiences and knowledge about achieving high grades in school.

Naturally, as a child, I didn’t know very much about how to do this effectively. I easily became frustrated by peers who couldn’t grasp what I perceived as “common sense”. Still, I had knowledge and experience that others craved. As I grew older, I gained more basic skills and was fortunate enough to be an informal mentor at various times in my life.

Chances are you’ve fallen into the role of a mentor at some point, too. You know that these relationships can become fantastic learning experiences, and even evolve into long-term and valuable friendships. However, with a little bit of training, you can turn your knowledge and experience into a powerful resource! So, if you want to start the journey of mentor training or just get your toes wet, check out these opportunities:

  •  Volunteer as a youth mentor in your area. There are countless programs for this, and they provide introductory mentor training. It’s an amazing opportunity to discover if mentoring is right for you, and potentially change a child’s life for the better!
  •  Ask about mentor training programs in your business or career. For example, teachers especially encourage mentoring so that new teachers can learn from an experienced staff member and avoid all kinds of frustrating mistakes. If you have years of knowledge and experience in a certain career, your contribution as a mentor will be invaluable.
  •  Check out mentoring programs at local colleges, universities, or even online. This is a wonderful opportunity to guide college students at a crucial point in their lives. You provide the wealth of life experience and support they need, and in return you get even more experience and success!
  •  If you love mentorship, why not reach higher? Mentorship isn’t always volunteer work. If you want to become a professional coach or mentor and use your experience to greatly enrich your life as well as the lives of others, consider taking on some mentor training so that you not only affect the lives of others, but deeply transform them as well!

If you’re serious about being a mentor, then NOW is the time to act. Unleash your full potential and reap the benefits by beginning coach and mentor training today with your FREE report!