Author: Arina

The power of intention is a phrase we see and hear a lot, but a clear definition is hard to find. I like to think of it as the power that makes things happen and creates your reality. Your intentions are based on your desires and internal beliefs, and these inevitably become your actions and experiences in life. The power of intention is the force that allows us to achieve our goals and inevitably guides us through life.

When attempting to use the power of intention to my advantage, my major block was realizing that false intentions can undermine you from the start. I would set out to accomplish something, and some part of me would go in the opposite direction. Needless to say, I wouldn’t get much of anything done. What I didn’t realize is that an intention begins at the unconscious level, and the unconscious is aware of much more than we are consciously.

Tor Nørretranders, author of The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size, wrote: “A million times more bits enter our heads than consciousness perceives.” This means that our conscious minds are aware of only a tiny bit of what’s actually going on – inside of us and outside of us. Our subconscious, however, has access to all of this information.

This discovery may seem overwhelming, but it comes with good news. Our conscious minds are still powerful, and every one of us can make the conscious decision to work with our subconscious and pave the way for the positive power of intention.

Clearing the Way for Intention

1. Realize that intention begins with you. We see the results of intention all around us, even in the actions we don’t like. However, the only way to alter what’s going on outside of us is to alter what’s going on inside of us. This is the source of your power.

2. Connect with your subconscious. Whether you use muscle testing to achieve communication with the subconscious or you build a strong, trusting relationship with your inner child, working with your subconscious is the key to removing false intentions and unleashing your potential. The Logical Soul® method is perfect for this.

3. Focus your energy.Don’t let the little, inconsequential things get in your way or distract you all of the time. Remind yourself of your intentions consistently, and get used to making solid decisions that support your goals.

The power of intention is an astounding force that can transform your life and, through you, the lives of others! Check out our free report for more valuable information on how to be a successful life coach!