Illuminate Your Life with Positive Thinking The power of positive thinking is a wonderful tool for manifesting positive results, but I’ve never found it useful when combating those deep, negative thoughts that I never wanted to have in the first place. In fact, (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

Image Courtesy “Journaling” is a fantastic way to track progress, whether it’s for yourself or your life coach clients. When you hear the words “track your progress” you probably think of check lists, points, and other means of keeping score. These systems are an important aspect of achieving goals, and as a life coach you’ve probably used them many times. However, when it comes to self growth, sometimes you need to go a bit deeper. Journaling can be used to track your progress in numbers, but it’ greatest benefits are found when you... (Read More ...)

Market your coaching business with social media Marketing for your coaching business isn’t just about putting out advertisements, it’s about connecting to people. Once you’re in on the conversation, you will get advertising naturally through social sharing – the Internet’s equivalent of word of mouth. This includes “likes” and sharing on Facebook, “retweets” on Twitter, and so on. People are more likely to notice a product or service based on customer reviews and the recommendation of friends than an advertisement. In her book, The Facebook... (Read More ...)

Get connected with your LinkedIn profile. Social media is is a great way to get people to see you and your coaching business, and LinkedIn is no exception. It’s as easy as creating an account and filling in a profile. The question is: are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile? All social networking sites work with different methods that you must learn how to use in order to get any real benefits. With LinkedIn, your profile is vital to how easily people can find you. Unless someone already knows your name, they’re not going to be able to find you if your profile isn’t... (Read More ...)

Get your questions answered with life coach certification I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t need life coach certification to be a life coach. You can go into business for yourself with just a business name, and a few printed cards to get the word out that you are now a life coach. In fact, you may already be a life coach who is self-taught and learned through experience how to get beyond obstacles and to help others do the same. If so, I applaud you. That’s the long road to take, but the best one. Let me give you an example. Imagine a potential client walking... (Read More ...)

Do you need business coaching? Are you interested in business coaching? If so, you’ve got a lot of great people behind you. Business coaching has been used for years to boost top executives even higher, further individual career planning, and give self-employed businesses the chance they deserve. However, you might be wondering if business coaching is worth your money. This is a smart question. Naturally, you want to make a good investment by getting back more than you put into it. Well, I can tell you that any good business coach – particularly one who knows your particular niche –... (Read More ...)

Source: Wikimedia As a life coach, you will help people to identify what is holding them back and how to resolve it. An easy way to begin is to find out whether or not your life coach client’s needs are being met. Even the most successful entrepreneur will not be happy or reach their full potential if one of their basic needs is not fulfilled. A simple way to identify what is missing is to look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I can tell you from experience that it holds true in life. I once spent an entire year in a drafty attic without heat or warm clothing. I relied on the kindness... (Read More ...)

Business coaching vs. life coaching. While it may seem obvious that business coaching and life coaching are different, its important to understand both the differences AND similarities if you want to get a fix on what your client really needs. Take the case of a businessman who has some sort of problem in his personal life. Do you deal with his situation as a business coach? Or from the perspective of a life coach? Well, although I hate to use these words, they are appropriate . . . “It depends!” Depends on what?! It depends on how you advertise yourself, and how the client approaches... (Read More ...)

Devon Brown, Business Success Coach If you want to get a real strong start in your life coaching business, check this out! My friend Devon Brown just made a video describing our recent interview on Logical Soul Talk. First watch the short video below, then CLICK HERE to hear my whole 30-minute conversation with this dynamic business coach (and by the way, please leave us a comment afterwards)!  (Read More ...)

Don’t let fear cloud your vision. Today I’ve decided to write about a subject I’m deeply familiar with: fear. This is an emotion that can shatter your dreams and stop you from living your life. Fear has stolen many years of my life, and the lives of others. For many, in fact, it is the primary motivator of the subconscious mind. So how DO you get beyond fear? As a life coach, you must have tools and the understanding to help move your client beyond his or her fears. The first step is to realize that you often attract clients with problems or concerns that you yourself need to... (Read More ...)

Rewrite your story. We all have personal stories. These are the sum of our experiences, beliefs, and actions. Friends and family have probably made you aware of certain attributes that you’ve come to accept as fact. “She’s such a giving person,” or “He always has good advice.” You hear these things over and over and subconsciously accept them as a part of your story. As a life coach, it is easy to build a personal story where you are the savior of others, or perhaps the humble healer. These characteristics come to define and motivate you, even if they’re... (Read More ...)

Market your life coach business! Marketing your life coach business can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. In my previous post about marketing for mentorship, I shared some basic tips for marketing¬† your own business. These tips can easily be used to market a life coach business as well. There’s a vast amount of information on the Internet concerning marketing, and no one can read, much less use, all of it. The fact is, much marketing information may even be contradictory to what you are trying to accomplish as a life or business coach. You don’t for example, want... (Read More ...)