LakeSunset 300x225 150x150 Does the Power of Positive Thinking Really Work?

Illuminate Your Life with Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is a wonderful tool for manifesting positive results, but I’ve never found it useful when combating those deep, negative thoughts that I never wanted to have in the first place. In fact, when I try to replace a negative thought with something positive, the response I get is a blast of sarcasm and cynicism that causes it to wilt in seconds.

That response arises from my subconscious. It’s far more powerful and aware than my conscious mind, and it has its reasons for believing what it does. However, my trying to change its beliefs purely with the power of positive thinking is a bit of a joke. It’s a lot like a parent telling a child that chocolate doesn’t taste good. No matter how many times you say it, the child isn’t going to believe you.

Medical Daily just published an article that reminded me of the power of positive thinking and how fickle our minds can be. Amber Moore writes:

“A new research suggests that keeping away from tendency to brood even for a small amount of time will help you to increase problem-solving ability.” (“Stay Away from Negative Thoughts to Improve Problem Solving Ability”)

In other words, a little bit of negative thinking can actually make it harder for you to problem solve. That’s a powerful side-effect! The article goes on to say that people who could distract themselves experienced improved mood as well as problem-solving abilities. Being able to stop yourself from focusing on feelings on sadness or brooding is necessary in order to allow the power of positive thinking to shine through. However, we know that the subconscious mind isn’t always on board with this decision.

This is where coaching can be immensely helpful. A client who is struggling with negative thinking will also have a decrease in their ability to solve problems. They still have the answers to their problems somewhere inside of them, but until they can stop the negative thinking it’s all downhill. As a coach, you can step in and help stop the cycle.

Having worked with The Logical Soul(R) method, I’ve discovered that conscious habit and subconscious decisions are almost always the culprit when something negative is being repeated in my life. Fortunately, chronic negative thinking can be traced back to a hidden decision in the subconscious.

The first step is to realize that you can’t solve or even completely understand the issue on a conscious level (whether you’re the coach or the client!). After accepting this, you can put Dr. Craig’s Logical Soul (R) method to work, get access to the subconscious, and change the hidden decision.

Steps to Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking:

  1. You don’t know everything. And that’s OK.
  2. Hidden decisions made by your subconscious mind are meant to protect you, but they can also be obstacles. Locate the decision or memory at the root of your negative thinking.
  3. The Logical Soul.(R) Access your subconscious and change the hidden decision with simple muscle testing, using Dr. Craig’s simple method.

By understanding and respecting the power of the subconscious mind, you can work with it to clear obstacles from deep within. Only then can the power of positive thinking really take hold.

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What do you do when your or your coaching clients are down or caught in self-sabotage? How do you make the power of positive thinking work for you? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below.