businesscoach 150x150 What Are the Benefits of Business Coaching?

Do you need business coaching?

Are you interested in business coaching? If so, you’ve got a lot of great people behind you. Business coaching has been used for years to boost top executives even higher, further individual career planning, and give self-employed businesses the chance they deserve.

However, you might be wondering if business coaching is worth your money. This is a smart question. Naturally, you want to make a good investment by getting back more than you put into it. Well, I can tell you that any good business coach – particularly one who knows your particular niche – is your best investment in time and money.

A Manchester, Inc. case study of 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies found these stunning benefits of business coaching:


  •  Productivity increased 53%
  •  Quality increased 48%
  •  Customer Service increased 39%
  •  Customer complaints were reduced by 34%
  •  Retaining executives grew 32%
  •  Costs were reduced by 23%
  •  Bottom-line profitability increased by 22%

That’s a lot of return on a simple, smart investment! Personally, I’ve found that strong mentoring or business coaching was invaluable in guiding me around potential mistakes. It also helped me bounce back from some rookie mistakes I was making – those I didn’t know enough to avoid.

Many life or business coaches also have their own business coach. You might not think coaches need other coaches, but that’s simply not true. The successful coaches know how valuable a good coach is, and how much faster they can increase their ROI by hiring one. They realize that an outside point of view can effectively guide them past obstacles – those that they can’t see themselves.

Dr. Michael Craig is a transformational life coach who has also created several successful businesses, and helped others build theirs. Since I started working with Dr. Craig, I’ve come to realize that his seemingly effortless process is actually based on simple formulas that bring him closer to his goals all the time. But he didn’t do this all alone. He’s learned from other coaches, mentors, and other successful people in order to create a plan that suits him and his business perfectly.

So, whether you’re looking for coaching that will transform your life, or are interested in becoming a business coach yourself, Dr. Craig is the first person I’d go to. Check out his FREE Report on the “7 Biggest Mistakes” now.