business oportunity 150x150 Are You Able to Accept Money for Life Coaching?

Learn to Accept Wealth for your Life Coaching.

Are you struggling to make money with life coaching? Do you seem to be doing everything right, but still don’t have the money you feel you deserve? Do you even ASK for the money when you perform services for others… or simply give out a lot of free sessions because it’s “the right thing to do”??  Chances are you have a subconscious decision that’s working as an obstacle to your success.

Dr. Craig calls this “Success Sabotage Syndrome”. You can, in fact, sabotage your success, not only in life coaching, but in every aspect of your life. Your subconscious remembers everything, and its mission is your survival.  Your survival needs, however, can – and will – work directly against your conscious wants and desires, because your subconscious may be set on a path that defines success differently!

For example, when I was young, I grew up in a fairly wealthy town but had little money in my own family. My clothes were almost all second-hand and didn’t fit. My family worked hard to put enough food on the table, gardening and canning every year. Every penny had to be saved, and the idea of getting anything extra was nearly unthinkable.

My subconscious mind learned very quickly that money had to be saved and only spent on necessary things. It also learned through school experiences that people who had more money were different, unkind, and not the sort of people I wanted to associate with.

These beliefs changed consciously as I became an adult and left home, but they were still in my subconscious. I struggled terribly to make any money, and only made just enough to survive. Nothing more and nothing less, just as my subconscious mind believed was correct. It wasn’t until I stopped and addressed my relationship with money that I started to find success.

Life Coaching Wealth Blocks:

  •  Did you decide to start life coaching just to make “easy” money? Choosing a life path based on money alone is a rough route to inevitable failure. You must love what you do if you ever hope to be profitable with it. Anything less will impede your progress.
  •  If you don’t believe you can make money in life coaching, then you’re doomed before you start. If statistics or a lack of patience lead you to think that you can’t succeed, then you won’t.
  •  Do you have self-doubt about whether or not you can transform people’s lives in a positive way? Then you will likely find it difficult to accomplish.

The easiest way to test for wealth obstacles in your subconscious is to use muscle testing. Dr. Craig outlines a simple way to work around these obstacles in The Money Matrix Method™. To access more hidden obstacles to your wealth in life coaching, also check out Dr. Craig’s free report

What subconscious decisions have held you back from making money? How have you overcome them? Let us know in the comments below.