NoMind sign 300x283 No Mind: The Ultimate Life Coaching (Part 3 of 3)Life Coaching naturally involves both “life” and “coaching.”  Since “life” can’t be defined, every life coach training program out there focuses on the coaching part, or things to DO.  These things usually involve active listening, appreciative inquiry, and a dozen other words to go along with a way of getting results based on connecting with others with an end or result in mind.

What would happen, however, if the results could happen naturally based on BEING instead of “Doing”?  What if there were an approach built on “life”. . . with a lesser emphasis paid to “doing the coaching?”  What if the person were actually sitting in the field of all possibilities, and therefore needed no other help or guidance? This is No Mind. 

No Mind involves no worry, no technique and no problem solving. There is nothing – and no one – to fix!  The essence of No Mind, in fact is the simplest idea possible, i.e., there is nothing to be done . . . and nothing to think!  Consequently, this approach eludes the logical mind.  Some, in fact, find the whole idea infuriating. 

“Coaching,” by definition, involves “doing.  Therein lies the paradox.  How do you “do” and “not do” at the same time?

The best way to grasp the doing/non-doing paradox is to compare it to running.  When you are in a full sprint you are committed to a particular direction.  By slowing down, your activity becomes less and your ability to change direction (your possibilities) becomes greater and greater.  In other words, if you are standing still (No Mind), you have ALL possibilities of directions to choose from, whereas running gives you few options. 

Maharishi often said, “Within the ability to run is the ability to walk, and the ability to stand still.  This is the process of meditation. If you can run, you can walk.  And if you can walk, you can stand still . . . or lie down.  So within more active states of the mind lie more and more quiet states of the mind…”

Logical Soul(R) Life Coaching starts first with doing, or coaching, then quickly transforms a client’s worries into a lesser and lesser-active state of mind.  When the subconscious suddenly hops into a solution,  No Mind just happens. The “field of all possibilities” is a literal place where the mind can go in any direction since it is no longer bound by memory, past impressions, and suffering. 

The process starts with the Interview phase.   After this phase, however, the technique shifts focus away from the conscious operator to the SUB-conscious operator to get answers.  During the second or Discovery phase, biofeedback in the form of muscle testing is used to get direct answers from the silent being within. There is obviously some doing, yes.  But the REAL work is being done silently . . . within the person’s subconscious being. Logical Soul(R) Coaching  holds the space for that change of state (transformation) to happen.  It gives the active (conscious) mind “something to do” while the real transformation is happening on the inside! 

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