business oportunity 150x150 Why Arent You Making Money With Life Coaching?

Be a great coach AND make money!

When you choose to become a coach, you probably aren’t just thinking about the money. The drive to be a coach is linked to the desire to transform people’s lives in a positive way. Knowing that you have helped someone change their life is a fantastic feeling, and it’s what keeps most coaches going day after day.

Naturally, with all of these good intentions, it’s easy to assume that money will be there to keep you going on your noble quest. After all, isn’t that what we’re taught? Work hard, be a good person, and you’ll be rewarded.

Unfortunately, good intentions don’t mean you’ll automatically be rewarded with lots of money. You should make some money starting out, but it probably won’t be enough to keep up your practice. Until you can get your name out there and attract a large number of clients, you’re going to have a hard time building up the amount of money you want and need – and doing this requires some effort on your part and a few marketing skills.

One of the biggest hurdles most coaches face is understanding that just being a great coach doesn’t guarantee a successful coaching career. You must become comfortable with promoting yourself and the work that you do. If you’re self-employed, as most coaches are, then you also need to know how to run your coaching practice as a successful business. And this is where most healers and life coaches go into “sleep” mode, simply because “business is not my thing.”

Building a successful business may seem daunting at first, but it’s simpler than you think. The first step is to be a good coach and make sure people know about it! Whether it’s through word of mouth, a book, or a website filled with testimonials, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Identify your niche and stick to it. Eventually, people will come to see you as “face” of that niche, i.e., the expert. This is when you can really begin to sell yourself and become the Six Figure Coach you know you can be!

Have you ever wondered why some coaches charge $10 and hour, while others charge up to $100 an hour or more? What’s the key to commanding huge rates? And why would someone knowingly pay more??

In a word, value. People pay more to those who they consider experts on solving their problems. If the problem is severe, someone will pay almost anything to avoid or get rid of this problem. If you are that person, you’re it. The path to success is not much more complicated than that.

But becoming the expert is a whole field of study in and of itself . . . and that’s why most coaches won’t take the time to do it properly.

The path to coaching success involves becoming familiar with entrepreneurial thinking, organization, marketing, selling, taking action, and delegation. This is the “business” side of coaching, and it’s what will keep you on your feet as you grow your practice . . . whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow. It’s also how you blow competition out of the water!

Fortunately, Dr. Michael Craig covers all of these subjects and more in his new book, Six Figure Coach. If you’re wondering how to sell yourself as a coach, increase your income, and even become a better coach – then Six Figure Coach is for you.

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