It has happened to me, and I KNOW its happened to you as well. . . I had a client – a business coach – come to see me who felt a bit overwhelmed with starting her own business. She said she was a perfectionist, didn’t know where to start, worked all day on emails and busy work and, at the end of the day, had nothing to show for it. Sound familiar? If this describes you, I’ve put together a few tips that might help you get off the wheel and start producing things of real value, real soon: First of all, its important to realize that YOU are not necessarily the problem. For... (Read More ...)

If technology is the answer, what the heck is the question?? Since the early 19th century and the onset of the Industrial Revolution, humanity’s relationship with technology has been one best described as Love-Hate. For centuries, the main struggle was between a) the love of luxury and convenience that technology provides, and b) the hated loss of jobs that technology inevitably brings. The original technology haters were “Luddites” – English textile artisans who, like their namesake Ned Ludd, violently protested against the machinery that made it possible to replace... (Read More ...)