how to get more doneIt has happened to me, and I KNOW its happened to you as well. . .

I had a client – a business coach – come to see me who felt a bit overwhelmed with starting her own business. She said she was a perfectionist, didn’t know where to start, worked all day on emails and busy work and, at the end of the day, had nothing to show for it.

Sound familiar?

If this describes you, I’ve put together a few tips that might help you get off the wheel and start producing things of real value, real soon:

  1. First of all, its important to realize that YOU are not necessarily the problem. For Life Coaches or even Business coaches, this may come as a shock. But adjusting one’s attitude or “working on procrastination” is actually counter-productive to getting things accomplished. If you want to, say, write an article for publication, you are adding an EXTRA step to the process if you have to first work on yourself!
    So stop “fixing” yourself already!
  2. As a followup to the first item, find a way to get the article done without your necessarily doing it. You can accomplish this by a) Hiring someone on to write the article for you, b) dictating the material into a microphone, creating a digital file, then sending it off to CabbageTree Solutions for a transcript. You can then edit the transcript or get someone else (on Fiverr?) to do it.
  3. Start learning how to “crunch” activities within a given period of time. Set a timer for, say, one hour to read, respond, and file all your emails. Then start really crunching it. After the timer goes off, STOP! Go on to “crunch” the next activity you’ve got on your list. While you may make a “mistake” and delete or misfile an email, so what? How important is that email? If its that important, file in a “Do It NOW” file and set a time to “crunch THAT file later. In the long run you will find yourself really happy about all you’ve gotten done.
  4. Take breaks, meditate, take a vacation, and “chill.” While we often berate ourselves for not accomplishing much, there are those people and cultures in this world who celebrate life by doing – you guessed it – absolutely nothing! Take a leaf from their book and learn to drink a toast with friends over the fact that happiness is your most important commodity!

There are tons more ways to accomplish more in less time. But we are so often caught up in staying busy, we never get anything done!