RonOwens2 Dr. Rons Universal Laws

Dr. Ron Owens

Dr. Ron Owens is a spiritual life coach in the Atlanta area, and is currently working on the curriculum for the Basic Life Coach Training program for those who want to be certified as either a “basic” or Logical Soul® Life Coach.

Dr. Ron has also been compiling a list of what he calls universal spiritual laws that can provide some keen insights into the nature of reality, and help you as a coach to be MUCH more effective with your clients. Dr. Ron also points out “there are as many as 42 such laws” and wanted to list some of his favorites. Here they are, in no particular order:

The Law of Relativity Nothing stands alone. Something is “big” or “small” only in relation to some other “thing.” Something, for example, that is difficult for you, may actually be easy for someone else. Therefore, the “thing” is neither difficult nor easy in itself but only in relation to individuals’ perception of it.

The Law of Polarity Similar to the Law of Relativity in that it is employed in relation to something else, this law states that everything has a polar opposite. For every “good” there is a “bad.” For every “right” there is a “wrong.” The Universe has a sufficient supply of both. Whichever you devote your energy to, you will receive.

The Law of Correspondence Just as the physical world has principles or laws of physics, the metaphysical or spiritual world have corresponding principles or laws. Just as the law of gravity is real in the visible world, the law of attraction is real in the invisible world.

The Law of Cause and Effect Every action has a related effect. Since all energy is connected, every thought as well as act has a resulting effect. We may not be able to perceive the effect but somewhere,
something is affected. This principle of Cause and Effect can cross worlds in that a physical action can have a spiritual effect and a spiritual act can affect the physical world.

The Law of Allowing This principle states that we should allow others to be as they decide to be and not apply our values upon
them. It also says that we should allow ourselves to be who we truly are and not pretend to be something we are not. Back in the 1970s, there was a term “being real” that emphasizes this principle. Another aspect of the law of allowing is to keep ourselves open to receive the blessings of God (or the Universe, if you prefer).

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance Everything that you need and want is available to you. We too often think in terms of scarcity and the only way we can get what we want is to take it from someone else. Even financial abundance is sufficient for everyone. As Wallace Wattles states in The Science of Getting Rich, success is a function of service, not competition.

Dr. Owens shares many more of these laws or principles, and you can get the entire list by visiting his blog at