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Logical Soul® Training!

I had the great fortune to attend Module 1 of Dr. Craig’s Logical Soul® Life Coach Training Program last weekend, and I’m here to tell you that it was absolutely amazing. No, really. This entire post is going to be about how wonderful this life coach training is, and why I can’t recommend it enough!

It all began with a very succinct yet thorough overview of the basics of life coaching given by Dr. Ron Owens of the National Association of Life Coaches & Trainers (NALCT). This was a great way to start off the course, providing refreshing and practical information that every future life coach should know. We were very fortunate to have his input and experience throughout the weekend.

Unlike many life coach training programs, the Logical Soul® Training goes beyond the basics and into effective, hands-on techniques that you can actually use. Naturally, the main focus is on advanced coaching – the Logical Soul® process itself. I’ve attempted to describe The Logical Soul® Process to friends and family, but I always get lost while trying to convey it’s profound effects. In reality, this process is extremely simple and highly intuitive. It seems to flow as naturally as a river, even when there are unexpected turns for the coach and the client!

See? I’ve done it again. Let me borrow Dr. Craig’s words here to give you a better definition of the Logical Soul® Process:

“. . . our deepest motivations are set in place by very early decisions, or by the decisions of others (i.e., parents, ancestors, etc). By using a simple form of feedback – or cybernetics – we can tap into those hidden decisions and change them, thereby changing our inner motivation and, consequently, our results.”

This feedback is gained through muscle testing (a.k.a. applied kinesiology) and is the second step of The Logical Soul® method. There are four steps total: Interview, Discovery, Access, and Resolution. We delved into each step, and by the second day all of us were successfully using The Logical Soul® Process on each other. I was amazed at how quickly everyone was able to pick up on the process and begin putting it to use.

After the weekend was complete, we had all been transformed in some way. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t benefit, including the teachers! (You can see our video testimonials on our YouTube channel.) What’s even more exciting is that the best is yet to come. There are still two more modules in the Logical Soul® Life Coach Training Program, and so much more to discover.

If you’re interested in becoming a Logical Soul® Training graduate, there will be another course taught by Dr. Craig soon. SIGN UP NOW to take advantage of the Early Bird Specials, or be notified of future events and updates.

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