After attending Module 3 of the Logical Soul® Life Coach Certification this weekend, I was exhausted. We had a fantastic time reviewing the Logical Soul® process for newcomers as well as giving and receiving sessions as a group. Many of us had major breakthroughs, whether we resolved an age old issue, learned more about the Logical Soul® process, or took another strong step in the right direction. It was a lot of fun but also intense! So, my plan was to rest today. Take it easy. Catch up on e-mail and other small things. Instead, I found myself pacing from room to room, irritated beyond measure.... (Read More ...)

Get more clients with a sales funnel. The sales funnel is a step by step sales process, i.e. your plan to sell a product or service. If you intend to market your services as a life coach, then understanding and using a sales funnel is a great place to start. The first step is to catch the attention of your target market – your ideal client or “Avatar.” Know who this person is: his or her likes, dislikes, age, habits, and especially needs. You must know what your Avatar NEEDS in order to provide a product or service that fulfills that need. But how to do this when they don’t... (Read More ...)

Are you completely focused on this page or are you bouncing between multiple tabs, eating a sandwich or thinking about other things you should be doing right now? I invite you to stop what you’re doing and focus only on one thing: this moment. These words. Let everything else fall away. Just for a couple minutes. Be here now. Aaaahhhh… Are thoughts passing through? Sore spots in the body? Perhaps you’re twisted into an uncomfortable, tight position over your keyboard. If so, I invite you to relax into an easy, upright position. If you’ve been following along, then you are... (Read More ...)

Being a Successful Life Coach is really quite simple.  In fact, it may have crossed your mind before: Provide real value to your clients and customers. These are Dr. Craig’s words, and they ring true. The International Coaching Federation conducted a study in 2009 that found that 78% of people believe the effectiveness of the coaching method to be “very important” when choosing a coach, topped only by personal rapport and compatibility. If you can genuinely help others find their own freedom and happiness, then you are truly a valuable coach. On top of that, 46% of people used... (Read More ...)