chigeneratordistributor 199x300 41 Ways to Serve Your Life Coaching Clients

Quick. Do you know what to say?

As a Life Coach, you are part of a unique breed. Rather than compete in a dog-eat-dog world for power and riches, you have a real desire to see others succeed . . . and in so doing, know that you will win as well. While your intentions may be wonderful, however, if you can’t communicate them to others, they won’t buy what you’re selling!

Below are 41 things you can tell those who want to know the benefits of a Life Coach, and how life coaching can help them. Simply say, as appropriate, “I can . . . .”

1. Be a powerful sounding board.
2. Help you diagnose a problem.
3. Provide a paradigm shift for your problem.
4. Reveal a unique process.
5. Make the complex simple.
6. Help you be more attractive.
7. Help you be more assertive.
8. Help you be more confident.
9. Help you overcome a flaw.
10. Help you feel smarter.
11. Help you be a better worker.
12. Help you be a better spouse or partner.
13. Help you be a better parent.
14. Help you be a better boss.
15. Help you be more efficient.
16. Help you become healthier.
17. Help you be more independent.
18. Help you be more popular.
19. Help you be recognized as an authority.
20. Help you become proud of your achievements.
21. Help you avoid criticism or embarrassment.
22. Help you add more fun to you life.
23. Help you avoid physical or emotional pain.
24. Help you avoid or release shame.
25. Help you be the best you can be.
26. Help you protect yourself and your family.
27. Help you express more personality or creativity.
28. Help you save time or money.
29. Help you overcome obstacles.
30. Help you avoid mistakes.
31. Help you overcome your fears.
32. Help you fulfill your dreams.
33. Help you connect the dots between events.
34. Satisfy your curiosity.
35. Help you laugh.
36. Relieve your boredom.
37. Renew your vigor or energy.
38. Inspire you to act.
39. Help you feel understood.
40. Help you uncover uncomfortable truths you should know.
41. Give you a new outlook on the world.

That’s only 41. Keep in mind this list is by no means complete.

But it’s a good list to set aside for the next time you need to explain how you create value for your clients.