Is Life Coaching a scam? Apparently some people think so. You know what? I actually don’t blame them for saying this. To the writer of the blog post on (“viowastaken”) and others who share his views, “Scam” is too nice a word for anything that steals their dreams and slams their best efforts to get ahead. There are, in fact, lots of folks out there – with best intentions or not – who do just that, i.e., steal people’s dreams. I have discovered 3 such categories of “Scam Artists” and will describe them for you here: The FIRST... (Read More ...)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!  OK, its time to put down the party hats and eggnog, put away the Christmas tree, and start making plans for the new year.  It’s New Years Resolution time . . . Do your resolutions “take”?  If not, you’re not alone – most resolutions don’t last beyond January, but what can you do?  Here is a video where I cover the “12 Magical Steps To Make Resolutions Come True.”  Enjoy the video, but more than that . . . USE IT to transform your life (or the lives of your coaching clients)!  (Read More ...)