free coachingToday I want to ask you a question:  Would you rather get FREE Consulting?  Or would you pay someone a fair price to show you the ropes?

I know a lot of coaches who pull back their efforts to sell their coaching services because they think folks can get this information so easily elsewhere.  They think they are competing with all the free advice out their on the Internet and social media.  They think they have to beg their prospects to be clients, and discount their prices to entice them into a coaching program!

Think again.

I received an email recently from Neil Stafford, an internet marketing guy who sell information products.  His take on this issue is the same as mine, but he says it so much better . . . So, with his permission, I’ll be sharing his article below entitled “Free is Not Your Competition.”


Just lately I’ve had a couple of people ask why would people buy
information products when you can get a lot of info free online.

It’s a good question to ask but … it has no bearing on your business.

The reason?

Simple, free is not your competition.

People who want just free information and who will never pay would
never become your customers. Yes, you can virtually find the answers to anything online for free.

If… You’re prepared to spend the time looking

If… You’re prepared to find the one good source out of 100 you’ve looked at.

If… You can then discount the other 99 pages from your mind.

You get the picture.

You want the people who are willing to pay for good information, presented
to them in the format they want.

And… Who connect and resonate with you.  Let me give you an example:

In my Soccer Coaching market you can get EVERYTHING – and I mean everything – we sell online for free somewhere.  But, you don’t get that from us, you can’t get US for free. You can’t go to one
place and get it for free and you don’t get our perspective, input and opinion.

Remember it’s not just about the information you sell or the service you offer. It’s about the value you give PLUS the connections you make with your customers and prospects.

‘Free’ is not your competition.

Best wishes,
Neil Stafford