(The following article was published on September 12, 2010 on my Logical Soul® Talk blog.  It is being presented here because of its vital importance to your coaching practice.) A “Soul Whisperer” – like a horse or dog whisperer – is one who must approach his subject with respect, silent awareness, non-violence and loving invitation. This is the path of the Logical Soul®. “Soul whispering” is a skill modern-day psychologists or therapists need to cultivate if they want to fundamentally transform a person’s life. Otherwise, change becomes (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

In the past several years, the phrase “follow your passion” has become the new mantra for those wanting to “have it all” . . . whatever that means. I’ve heard this phrase uttered, mostly by those (like me, I must admit) who have in the past had difficulty holding or keeping a job, or difficulty earning money from their own business or enterprise. Finding your passion is what you do if you don’t really have any other job to do. That may sound a bit harsh, but as I said, I’ve been among those shouting this phrase the loudest over a period of several years. So... (Read More ...)

Converting leads into paying clients is usually difficult for several reason:  lack of a defined solution for the client’s problem, and lack of authority.  Using Dr. Craig’s 3-Step selling method shown here, you can learn to “coach your way to success!” This is the last of the series of six videos illustrating the steps in Dr. Craig’s Free Report entitled “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months!”  (Read More ...)

Anybody can drive traffic. all it takes is a Google Adwords account and a lot of money. But how do you, as a coach, drive targeted traffic, i.e., those who are actively looking for the type of coaching you provide? Dr. Michael Craig provides the answer to that question in this short 10-minute video: By the way, if you like this video and this series, we would really appreciate it if you leave your comments and feedback below. Thanks!  (Read More ...)

In Step 4 of my eBook “Six Steps to Double Your Coaching Income in 2 Months” I cover the all-important topic of lead capture. Quite simply, you need a place to drive traffic. Without it, you have no list and, consequently, no customers! So take 8 minutes right now to do it the right way. I give you tools and resources throughout the video you can check out right now to start building a complete lead capture system around the very excellent free report you did in Step 3!  (Read More ...)