Ronda del Boccio is a best-selling author, and has coached others to also be best-sellers. On Friday, April 25th, she and Michael aired a Hangout preview of a Webinar she will be teaching on May 8th that will reveal her secrets of copywriting and how a few well-positioned reports can grow your coaching practice like lightening! UPDATE:  This Webinar is no longer available, but you can get more information by CLICKING HERE.  (Read More ...)

OK, so you finally created your Free Report PDF.  Now you want to get it into the hands of your prospects, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive shopping carts or other delivery systems. What to do? Here’s a down-and-dirty simple way to create a secure online file (actually its only semi-secure) where you can upload and save your downloadable PDF and share the URL from your Thank You Page . . .  (Read More ...)

Life coaches and business coaches need tools to reach both existing clients and new prospects, and VIDEO is one of the premier ways to do this.  Through video you and your message can be delivered in such a way that shortens the distance between you and your prospect, while giving them real value and the ability to see you in action. The main problem for many coaches (they tell me) is that they HATE being on video . . . or come across as stiff, dull boring, or all three!  The alternative – using PowerPoint for videos – is often just as dull.  So what to do? Sparkol VideoScribe is... (Read More ...)

Is your marketing effective?  If not, are you aware that great Copywriting can spell the difference between success and failure in business? “OK, so what’s with the ELEPHANT? And what’s all this got to do with my coaching??”  Glad you asked . . .  (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

OK, the results are in . . . Those of you on my coach training list know that about a week ago, I requested that you answer a quick 4-question Survey so I could find out what matters most to you. The answers came quickly, are still coming in, and turned out to be very surprising indeed! You can get the full video of those results (along with a little-known list-building strategy) at, but basically, most of you seem to like the idea of LIST BUILDING, MARKETING, and BRANDING. This is a good thing, mainly because (Read More …)  (Read More ...)