DartBullseye List Building for CoachesOK, the results are in . . .

Those of you on my coach training list know that about a week ago, I requested that you answer a quick 4-question Survey so I could find out what matters most to you. The answers came quickly, are still coming in, and turned out to be very surprising indeed!

You can get the full video of those results (along with a little-known list-building strategy) at http://mycoachtraining.com/survey-results, but basically, most of you seem to like the idea of LIST BUILDING, MARKETING, and BRANDING.

This is a good thing, mainly because these are areas where I have both knowledge and experience. While I have yet to become outrageously wealthy (still saving up for that house on the beach), I can definitely tell you what works . . . and just as valuable, what does NOT work.

Let’s take List Building, for example. One of the big things that I’ve found doesn’t work is to buy a product thinking you only have to push a button, and money will magically start pouring into your bank account. This is rubbish at best, and dangerous to your pocketbook at worst.

Here are the facts: It takes and overall STRATEGY, as will as TIME, PERSISTENCE, and a willingness on your part to ADD VALUE to your customers or clients before money will come. List building, like anything else, is just a PART of an overall coaching business strategy.

Once you know this, then, you can use it to RAPIDLY build a list of interested prospects who want what you have to offer, whether it is Life Coaching, business consulting, or even selling “hard” products like printers or Bonsai plants. Check out what one of my associates, Internet Marketer David Boozer, has to say about a product I like called LIST BUILDING AUTOMATION:

InstantAccess List Building for Coaches