The idea that you can re-program you “Subconscious Mind” has been around since Msr. Mesmer spent time in Paris entertaining Marie Antoinette and other ladies of the court with his tricks of “animal magnetism.” Improvements in hypnosis and inner programming have happened over the years until now it is taken for granted that this is the way it is. But what if there were MORE to it? What if you found out the Subconscious does NOT like to be programmed or re-programmed to change certain inner beliefs or habits? This, in fact, is what happens! The “Subconscious Being”... (Read More ...)

I always knew muscle testing was fun.  But I never knew it could be THIS fun!! I was one of the speakers this past weekend at the “Southern Friend Laughter Conference” held in Atlanta, and presented “Muscle Testing – Accessing the Subconscious” to one of the most receptive audiences I’ve ever had! Not only did they laugh and applaud . . . they laughed, applauded, then laughed and applauded ever LOUDER!! Needless to say, I was not the main attraction, even at my own event! And I’m VERY OK with that! In fact, I enjoyed the “Laughter Contestants”... (Read More ...)

OK, so what’s LAUGHTER got do do with MUSCLE TESTING? . . . and what’s all this got to do with COACHING??  Glad you asked . . . Both Laughter and Muscle Testing involve getting the Conscious and Subconscious minds to relax with one another. More often than not, you may be tense, afraid or angry at something. While laughter can ease that tension, the correct use of a tool like Muscle Testing allows you and your client to discover the underlying CAUSE of the tension. Both, in their own way, can lead to tremendous self-discovery and greater happiness. You see, LAUGHTER is the body’s... (Read More ...)

DOUG COLLINS is known as the man with “The World’s Most Contagious Laugh” and you can check out the video below to see why.  Doug is one of the many presenters – including yours truly – at the Southern Fried Laughter Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on May 16-18, 2014. If you are a life or business coach, you might consider using laughter as part of your presentation or coaching.   You can get more information – and sign up now – at By the way, my topic during a 3:15 pm Saturday breakout session is entitled “Muscle... (Read More ...)