muscletest Laughter and Muscle Testing?OK, so what’s LAUGHTER got do do with MUSCLE TESTING? . . . and what’s all this got to do with COACHING??  Glad you asked . . .

Both Laughter and Muscle Testing involve getting the Conscious and Subconscious minds to relax with one another. More often than not, you may be tense, afraid or angry at something. While laughter can ease that tension, the correct use of a tool like Muscle Testing allows you and your client to discover the underlying CAUSE of the tension. Both, in their own way, can lead to tremendous self-discovery and greater happiness.

You see, LAUGHTER is the body’s way of telling the conscious mind that life is fun and not everything makes perfect logical sense.  The fact is, a life lived with “perfect logical sense” is no life at all! Subconsciously we REJECT this perfectly-ordered existence, and can often sabotage results in unexpected ways!

The Conscious Mind, when presented with puzzles, riddles, or jokes, gets surprised and engaged. The unfolding MYSTERY allows both conscious and subconscious to get along and work together. This in turn allows feelings of joy and bliss to arise within you.

 MUSCLE TESTING, on the other hand, allows the subconscious to communicate directly with the Conscious Mind in such a way as to give “yes” or “no” answers to statements posed, or input given.  This allows us to understand our deeper motivations, and make corrections as needed and allowed.

COME LEARN ABOUT MUSCLE TESTING and LAUGHTER as powerful tools you can use for self-discovery and working with clients!  Come join me and my associates this weekend at the SOUTHERN FRIED LAUGHTER CONFERENCE in Atlanta!  I’ll be presenting a break-away session called “Muscle Testing Insights: What Your Body Can Tell You” on Saturday at 3 pm and would love to meet you in person!

Below is a Video with more details.   See you there!!  🙂