subconsciousThe idea that you can re-program you “Subconscious Mind” has been around since Msr. Mesmer spent time in Paris entertaining Marie Antoinette and other ladies of the court with his tricks of “animal magnetism.” Improvements in hypnosis and inner programming have happened over the years until now it is taken for granted that this is the way it is.

But what if there were MORE to it? What if you found out the Subconscious does NOT like to be programmed or re-programmed to change certain inner beliefs or habits?

This, in fact, is what happens! The “Subconscious Being” – far from being a mindless “thing” that can be manipulated – is actually a brilliant and intelligent BEING in its own right that just happens to inhabit the same body as your Conscious Mind, or Being. Once you understand – and accept this as a possibility, endless possibilities begin to open up for positive changes on all levels.

But you have to know how to “negotiate” with this Being. In this video of a talk I gave at the recent Laughter Conference, I discuss ways to start seeing yourself as TWO beings – both with their own agenda – and how to start having a dialogue with this inner Subconscious Being.