As the Director of Logical Soul LLC, I have been lean and mean for several years.  I’ve had to.  What with developing products and websites with little money coming in, I’ve had precious little extra money to waste. We’re now at a crossroads, I’m happy to say, and more and more products and services are coming as I speak! Folks sometimes ask: “So how do you do all that?  What have you done to keep costs down while still getting things done?”  My answer is always the same: Outsource! This is a magical word to most people.  They instantly think of lounging... (Read More ...)

Do you know your “communication style”?  More importantly, do you know the style of your customer or client?  If not, you may be losing business.  A lot! Dr. Ron Owens trains and certifies Life Coaches, and part of this training is to learn how to both recognize and deal with these “communication” – sometimes called “learning” – styles that can either make or break your rapport with your customer or client. Whether or not your are interested in taking Ron’s Life Coach Certification Online, check out another free review of the course below... (Read More ...)

For those of you who have been asking for it . . . it’s here!  Now you can get your Life Coach Certification Online . . . and for the Early Bird Special price of Only $197!  I have a small caveat, however. . . there may be a few bugs.  my assistant Amir and I have been working diligently to work out all the membership site errors, but you might still run across one or two. Notably, after creating your password you may be sent to the Home Page instead of the Content page where all 13 Modules are located.  This is not a problem since there is a link to all the content, but may appear confusing... (Read More ...)

Dr. Goodheart (1918-2008) Muscle Testing – the testing of muscles to determine changes in body energy, health and responsiveness – has been around for a long time.  It wasn’t until the mid-1960’s, however, until noted chiropractor and researcher Dr. George Goodheart systematized the process known today as “Applied Kineseology.”  “A.K.” – as it is known in the profession – is a powerful tool for testing muscles to determine underlying disorders or for testing the body for compatibility with substances like vitamins, foods, chemicals,... (Read More ...)

Do you know your WHY…?   If you are a Life Coach or Business Coach and you don’t know the answer to this question, pay close attention to this article and video below . . . there are some real gems here. I recorded the video below back in October of 2011, but the topic is just as important today as it was back then when I was coaching home business entrepreneurs.  The main item to understand is that MOTIVATION is the Key . . . and depending on which LEVEL of motivation you are operating on, that is the kind of results you can expect to achieve. Deep, huh?  But very important if... (Read More ...)

Ever wonder if you are in the right coaching or consulting niche? If so, you are not alone! Since the average life coach earns – according to one study – less than $10K per year, it behooves us to share as many marketing and business-building tips as possible with our visitors. In this blog post, I selected one of the business-related training videos from our upcoming online course, Basic Life Coach Certification. Dr. Ron Owens and I cover the steps from A to Z on how to be an effective coach, as well as a savvy business person. In this Module, Dr. Ron Owens covers the subject of how... (Read More ...)

I get asked all the time, “Your background is chiropractic. So why are you a coach, and why do you train Coaches rather than other Chiropractors and professionals?” That’s a valid question, and I hope this blog post will give you some insights into why I do what I do. First, however, I think it’s important to tell you WHAT I do before launching into the WHY … What I DO As a Coach and Coach Trainer I transform people’s lives in such a way that EVERYTHING they see, do or experience becomes more abundant, brighter and happier!  I do this by providing them with... (Read More ...)