albert einsteinI get asked all the time, “Your background is chiropractic. So why are you a coach, and why do you train Coaches rather than other Chiropractors and professionals?” That’s a valid question, and I hope this blog post will give you some insights into why I do what I do.

First, however, I think it’s important to tell you WHAT I do before launching into the WHY …

What I DO

As a Coach and Coach Trainer I transform people’s lives in such a way that EVERYTHING they see, do or experience becomes more abundant, brighter and happier!  I do this by providing them with the most powerful tool for transformation on the planet (The Logical Soul®) and the tools and methods necessary to successfully spread this transformation to others!

WHY I Do What I Do

You see, my goal is not simply to transform lives;  I’ve already done that hundreds of times.  I’ve seen instant healing, cancer cures, money coming to clients overnight and often the same day . . . and I’ve seen my own life and relationships go from disastrous to heavenly within just a few short years.

And I want to share this joy with the whole world, so individual transformation is not my ultimate goal.  My goal – really – is to make it possible for hundreds of others to do what I do so that the whole world is transformed!   This, in turn, will provide a world where love, joy, happiness and abundance becomes the norm – a gift we leave to our kids and grand-kids.

That’s a powerful WHY.  But is it possible?  Well, yes – with your help.  I really need more and more coaches to share this powerful method with others.  That’s why I train coaches!  

But for this to happen, two things have to happen:

  1. More and more people become Certified Coaches, and
  2. More and more Coaches become SUCCESSFUL – both financially and effectively – by really transforming the lives of others!

There is another aspect to this why, but for you to get it, you need to know the the story.

The Story Behind The Why

It began for me around age 13.  You see, I was very interested in Astronomy, and often spent many nights in the backyard in our small town staring up at the starry sky.  One night I had a strange feeling come over me – as if I were separating from my body, but yet not going anywhere.  The feeling was as if all the stars, constellations and galaxies were coming towards me and instantly rushed INSIDE!

This experience lasted only a few seconds, but it unnerved me to the point that I never forgot it.  My life had changed, but seemingly not for the better.

For months and years after that brief encounter with universality I did poorly in school.  I had trouble making friends,  stopped watching TV, and read everything I could get my hands on about Einstein, relativity, quantum physics, astronomy and the nature of the universe.  I also started dabbling in writing science fiction and doing “thought experiments”  (but most of my teachers called these experiments ‘daydreaming’…)

Later on, I got into drugs, then meditation.  I was hopelessly lost in my search for a meaningful life and career.  Instead I racked up experiences in a futile effort to re-capture that lost moment in time and space when I was a timeless and ageless BEING.

The rode back to “reality” was long and hard, and fraught with challenges, personal losses, bankruptcy, divorce, and ill health.  In the past few years, however, I’ve had to pinch myself for the good fortune that surrounds me daily . . . all as a result of the settling of the mind through The Logical Soul®

I do what I do, mainly to guide others who may be searching for that inner spark to share with others . . . but who – in their “knowing” – may also be lost on the path.

For me, meditation was the key that unlocked the door to understanding how both the rational mind AND pure conscious and feeling can co-exist in the same body.  For me, training coaches is a Zen practice – one that is forever challenging, and at the same time my greatest path to happiness.

For you, being a Life Coach is also the fastest way to happiness, and the most powerful way to provide real value to others while paving the way to your own success!  Others can only succeed, in fact, when YOU do!

In the next few articles (and a few videos), I will present ways that you as a coach can start transforming lives . . . starting with your own!

If you are reading this, thank you.

YOU are why I do this!