If you’re like me, you avoid sounding “hypey” at all cost.  Your efforts to get coaching leads that involve ad tactics like “Two Sessions For The Price Of One” not only cheapen your services and tarnish your “street cred,” they simply don’t work (surprise!) . . . I have found an EXCELLENT METHOD for getting beyond this problem, allowing you to just be who you are, add value, go directly to targeted prospects, AND attract all the coaching leads you can handle: Generate Facebook Ads using a “Customer Audience” made up of your ideal clients... (Read More ...)

How would you like to transform the lives of your clients . . . literally in MINUTES?! I know it sounds a bit fantastical – even for advanced life coaching – but its true.  I know this mainly because for over 20 years I’ve been using the same method I want to share with you in a series of free videos I call “The Ultimate Life Coaching Technique” . . . Below is the First of Four content-packed training videos below.  (I’ll be sending another email to my list in a few days to share the rest of the program.  Watch for it!) Loading the player … //  (Read More ...)

Unless you are a Geek or Techie, the subject of WordPress Blog Menus and blogs rarely holds a fascination.  It’s a fact, however . . . the ability to set up basic WordPress blog elements that provide information to your coaching clients is crucial! Still not interested?  That’s OK too – you simply need to OUTSOURCE this vital task to a geek or techie for a small fee. For all others, pay attention:  Taking care of basic tasks is not as hard to do as you might think!  Here’s the secret: Set up CATEGORIES as your MENU.  Your prospective clients need to understand WHAT... (Read More ...)

You probably did not become a Coach or Consultant to set up websites and do a bunch of other technical stuff.  You are, after all, a “People Person,” right?  Right. That’s why its so important to outsource “techie stuff” to those who love to hang out with HTML, PHP, SEO and other members of the techie alphabet world! The fact is, however, unless you are already independently wealthy and can afford to outsource it all, you need to do a few things yourself.  Even if you DO outsource later, knowing how to do simple things like setting up your own blog pages and posts... (Read More ...)