coaching leadsIf you’re like me, you avoid sounding “hypey” at all cost.  Your efforts to get coaching leads that involve ad tactics like “Two Sessions For The Price Of One” not only cheapen your services and tarnish your “street cred,” they simply don’t work (surprise!) . . .

I have found an EXCELLENT METHOD for getting beyond this problem, allowing you to just be who you are, add value, go directly to targeted prospects, AND attract all the coaching leads you can handle:

Generate Facebook Ads using a “Customer Audience” made up of your ideal clients . . . and appeal to them directly by offering something of value free.

There are two ways you can generate a Customer Audience:   a) Using software, or b) Manually.  I prefer software since I hate working harder and slower for limited results (if you have more time than money, however, you might want to try the manual approach first).

Here’s how it works in a nutshell, with or without software (I covered this method in my Free Report: “How to Double Your Coaching Income”) :

  1. Search for PUBLIC GROUPS on, say, Facebook that relate you your particular niche or field.
  2. Collect all the MEMBER IDs from that group.
  3. Create a CUSTOM AUDIENCE on Facebook using those numbers, then
  4. Design your FACEBOOK AD to market ONLY to those people, and offer them a free gift related to your coaching (Free Report, CD, Checklist, etc).

Using the above method manually, you can probably harvest around 100-200 leads a day.  But let’s face it:  Work sucks and software ROCKS!

Using software like Social Lead Freak I’ve been able to download a list of over 60,000 TARGETED LEADS in one hour and also gather leads from other social media groups besides Facebook.  The software was easy to use (I’m a non-techie) and DOUBLED my list in less than two weeks!

While I’ll admit that the name –  Social Lead Freak  – sounds a bit hypey, the software itself is actually pretty solid.  It can gather tons of coaching leads:  clients looking for help with things like dating, dieting, relationships, marketing, budgeting, making money, or getting a job.

Now you can learn how to create Custom Audiences. The video below takes about 9 minutes, and will walk you step-by-step through the whole process. Then TAKE ACTION to generate your own “Custom Audience”!

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