how to set up a blog postYou probably did not become a Coach or Consultant to set up websites and do a bunch of other technical stuff.  You are, after all, a “People Person,” right?  Right.

That’s why its so important to outsource “techie stuff” to those who love to hang out with HTML, PHP, SEO and other members of the techie alphabet world!

The fact is, however, unless you are already independently wealthy and can afford to outsource it all, you need to do a few things yourself.  Even if you DO outsource later, knowing how to do simple things like setting up your own blog pages and posts will not only save you a lot of money, it will provide you with a way of checking to see if your important CONTENT is being properly shared with your ideal clients!

Assuming you have already outsourced your blog setup, adding content to either pages or posts is an important next step.  (NOTE:  “Pages” usually refer to details about you and your business that are most important and part of your blog MENU.  You need about 3-4 major topics for Pages, as well as your “About Us” and “Contact” pages.)

Here is a short 8-minute video that shows me adding and optimizing a page on a client’s blog  . . . part of an upcoming “over my shoulder” video training and the Marketing For Coaches course we’ll be rolling out in the Fall.