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Can you get clients today?  Yes!  There are actually LOTS of ways to get coaching clients:   Stand out on the street corner wearing a sandwich board that says “Will Coach For Food,” Run an ad offering to PAY people to get coached, Drop a thousand pamphlets into a war zone offering free coaching with every bullet-proof vest they purchase, or Get Christian Mickelsen’s free best-selling book Get Clients Today (2nd Edition) and start implementing his step-by-step strategies. I don’t know about you, but I find Method #4 the most reasonable and practical step!! Since... (Read More ...)

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Christian Mickelsen It’s true – You CAN turn those free sessions into cash!  Have you ever given away a bunch of free coaching or consulting sessions and end up with nothing to show for your time and effort??  Then you really need to know how to give your prospective client exactly what he or she wants in such a way that they sign up for more! . . . and do this in such a way that doesn’t come across all “salesy”! Best-selling author and wildly-successful coach trainer Christian Mickelsen has agreed to do a FREE 5-MODULE ONLINE  TRAINING PROGRAM for the folks on... (Read More ...)

. . . But it sure was a lot of fun!  (its good to have fun while coaching, yes?) You see, I’m on vacation for a week at my log cabin in Coker Creek, Tennessee, and got to thinking about the day last December when Jason Oman and I checked in on a neighbor in town who invited us to take the Grand Tour in his 1924 Model “T” Ford (called a “Flivver” in the mid-twentieth-century vernacular).  Butch is a real vintage auto buff who transformed a broken-down flivver shell he picked up into the fantasy road buggy he drives today! Check out the cool stuff on this baby in the... (Read More ...)