christian mickelsen How To Convert Free Clients Into Paying Clients

Christian Mickelsen

It’s true – You CAN turn those free sessions into cash! 

Have you ever given away a bunch of free coaching or consulting sessions and end up with nothing to show for your time and effort??  Then you really need to know how to give your prospective client exactly what he or she wants in such a way that they sign up for more! . . . and do this in such a way that doesn’t come across all “salesy”!

Best-selling author and wildly-successful coach trainer Christian Mickelsen has agreed to do a FREE 5-MODULE ONLINE  TRAINING PROGRAM for the folks on my list.  During the course starting Thursday, August 14th, he will uncover the secrets to turning a free coaching session into a long-term client.  Here’s what you can expect from “Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System”:

Learn how to sign up high paying clients – right on the spot!

  • Module 1: “Client Rush Cash Machine: How to Get a Rush of Great, New, High Paying Clients to Hire You This Week”
  • Module 2: “How to Get More Prospective Clients to Become Actual Long-Term, Paying Clients”
  • Module 3: “Overcoming Objections & Helping Them Hire Your From A Place Of Peace”
  • Module 4: “Advanced Version Of Free Sessions That Sell & The Winning Coaching Mindset”
  • Module 5: “Resolving Your Inner Game Blocks”

HERE’S HOW TO GET INTO THE COURSE:  Click on the button below to sign up to be notified.  Space is limited, so be sure to DO IT NOW!   (Note: If you have ever given away free coaching and not gotten a steady flow of clients who actually PAY you . . . you NEED this course!  I’m just sayin…)

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