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Mark your calendar:  The next Logical Soul® Training Course will be held in Atlanta on November 8-9  December 6-7, 2014! 

This course is unique of all life coach training courses in that it will teach you – step-by-step – how to create POWERFUL BREAKTHROUGHS in your own life and the life of your coaching clients . . . sometimes in minutes!

More information will be coming soon.

I discovered this technique in the early 1990’s as a result of years of searching for techniques and methods I believed held the key to the healing miracles I had experienced as a doctor in a Sri Lankan hospital.  It was here that I learned the secret to what later became known as “Access” to the hidden decisions that run our lives . . . and how to guide or change them!

The Logical Soul® Story

Back a few years ago I wrote a fairly lengthy blog about my journey in discovering the “logic of the soul” and have created a PDF DOWNLOAD that you can get right here for FREE, and NO opt-in is required. . . only the PDF . . .  So enjoy:

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