It was a miracle – 

and I hesitated writing about or telling the story about my experience in Kalibuwila Hospital that fall of 1987 for at least twenty years after it happened for fear of being seen as crazy…  But I swear it really happened:

craiginclinic 243x300 The Miracle in Sri Lanka...I agreed to see the boy with the bowed legs (rickets) with the understanding that I would only attempt to give him some relief and, hopefully, impart to his mother the need to add more vitamins and minerals to his diet.

I put him face-down on the chiropractic table and started placing my fingers on a couple of points.  I don’t even think these were major acupuncture points . . . I was just guided to touch these points only.  Then suddenly the points started heating up – gradually at first, then more rapidly – and almost burned my fingertips!  The boy felt it too – he cried, squirmed and struggled such that two grown men had to come hold him down.

Still I was prompted by the same inner voice to keep holding the points.  I did this until the boy fell asleep – about 20 minutes later – and the burning sensation subsided.  When I was finally able to let go, I breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing what had had just transpired.  I finally got to my feet and went to apply needles to other patients, giving the matter no more thought.

Then the Miracle Happened…

Ten or twenty minutes later I saw the boy waling out of the clinic area with his mother, and I did a double-take . . .

His legs were straight as he walked!

Nahhhhh!  I shook my head as I looked down.  “I’m surely seeing things,” I mused to myself . . . then let it go.

The next day when I arrived at the clinic, I was met by the boy’s mother who bowed down at my feet!  Quickly I had someone translate to her “I’m an American . . . we’re not used to being worshiped!”  Still, she persisted in touching my feet until I reached down to bring her up gently, then gave her a hug.

Apparently I was not seeing things the day before.  The boy, she said,  did indeed have straighter legs!  She wanted to thank me in the traditional Asian way one would thank her guru for the same kind of miracle healing.   I felt a bit embarrassed, since I didn’t know what I did . . . or even what had transpired!  All I could do was graciously accept her praise and hope I could leave soon . . . I mean, how can I top that!?

The Search for Miracles

That event in Sri Lanka – among others – stayed with me and soon ignited a life-long search for WHY and HOW this event happened.  I suddenly had to find out what created the event, but also WHY such miracles are so rare! 

It was this search that years later led me understanding the CAUSE and PROCESS of Miracles.  I call it The Logical Soul® and you can download the FULL STORY below  You don’t need to opt-in – just click on the button to get the instant download:

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