Can Small “Tips Booklets” Make You Rich? Paulette Ensign says they can. She should know, having sold over a million of her booklets since she started doing this in 1991, and earned a tidy sum herself from corporate and group sales.  Paulette says that “Tips Booklets” can be both an easy and effective way to start sharing what you know with other people, and leverage this knowledge into a brand or series of products. I recently got on the phone with Paulette and worked out a way she could present some of her amazing material to coaches.  After many tries – and technical... (Read More ...)

Guide to Outsourcing Chances are, if you are reading this blog post, you are one of the many life coaches and consultants out there trying to make it in the world financially while doing what you love to do at the same time, i.e., COACH.  Chances are also good that you know you need help, and that you are overworked, underpaid, and are laboring under a big misconception, namely . . . “Hiring an assistant is expensive.” This idea is wrong-headed, and will actually cost you MORE in the months and years ahead!  Making money is not just about working hard; its also about managing ALL... (Read More ...)

Making Money is Not Hard… IF your “Money Matrix” is set to hold vast amounts of wealth!  If, on the other hand, your money matrix is small or restricted, you will suffer constant setbacks in attempts at making money and accumulating assets. Your “Money Matrix” holds the key to your ability to either making money – lots of money – in your life . . . or losing it.  But what IS it??  To try and explain this rather abstract idea, I like to use the picture of a bowl of fruit . . . If wealth is like a bowl of fruit, the FRUIT is the stuff that wealth is... (Read More ...)

Don’t let him fool you… Even though Dr. Neil Shulman’s birth certificate may SAY he’s in his late sixties, he’s really only eight years old! He will never grow up.  Really.  Honest.  Cross my heart… AND he can show you how to publish a book in no time flat! Oh, did I forgot to introduce him?  Sorry . . . Neil is the author of the best-selling novel  What…Dead Again?  which became the popular  1991 movie Doc Hollywood, starring Michael J. Fox.   Besides holding down his job as a medical professor at Emory university here in the Atlanta area, he... (Read More ...)