MMM 199x300 Making Money From the Inside OutMaking Money is Not Hard…

IF your “Money Matrix” is set to hold vast amounts of wealth!  If, on the other hand, your money matrix is small or restricted, you will suffer constant setbacks in attempts at making money and accumulating assets.
Your “Money Matrix” holds the key to your ability to either making money – lots of money – in your life . . . or losing it.  But what IS it??  To try and explain this rather abstract idea, I like to use the picture of a bowl of fruit . . .
If wealth is like a bowl of fruit, the FRUIT is the stuff that wealth is made of, such as dollars, euros, gold bars, stocks, bonds, cattle futures, or other assets.    The BOWL, however, is the thing that you have the least control over . . . . but that which can affect your making money in a big way.   It is, in fact, the single, most important factor in accumulating wealth – the one that almost everyone – wealthy or non-wealthy – misses!



Even Napoleon Hill, the famous author of Think And Grow Rich, got it only half-right when he said that”Anything the mind can conceive and believe – can achieve.”
What Hill failed to clarify was that, while the mind of someone with a LARGE capacity for wealth can achieve great wealth, those with a SMALL wealth capacity will also “achieve what they believe” as well, and find making money difficult or impossible!  Wealth CAPACITY (based on BEING) is different than the ACTIONS you take (based on DOING), i.e., affirmations, goals, visualizations.   Most people forget that, while the mind can believe and conceive great wealth, it more often than not believes and conceives mediocrity and poverty!

The Money Matrix Method

is all about affecting the BOWL in your wealth picture by increasing your CAPACITY for wealth, not just giving you a bunch of affirmations to repeat.  The key is to work on increasing the size of your “Money Bowl” to allow more and more “Money Fruit” to find a place to hang out!
The Video Below is part of a presentation on the Money Matrix Method I gave to a group in San Francisco back in 2010.  In it, I discuss the NORMAL CYCLE and ERROR CYCLE  of Manifestation, and how your hidden motivation for making money can get turned around to work AGAINST your dreams of wealth-building.  Watch this first, then