NeilShulman1Don’t let him fool you…

Even though Dr. Neil Shulman’s birth certificate may SAY he’s in his late sixties, he’s really only eight years old! He will never grow up.  Really.  Honest.  Cross my heart… AND he can show you how to publish a book in no time flat!

Oh, did I forgot to introduce him?  Sorry . . . Neil is the author of the best-selling novel  What…Dead Again?  which became the popular  1991 movie Doc Hollywood, starring Michael J. Fox.   Besides holding down his job as a medical professor at Emory university here in the Atlanta area, he is also the author of over 50 books, plays and other assorted publications, and loves to entertain.  I first met him – appropriately enough – at a laughter conference a couple of years back, had him on my radio show, and he and his family have been great friends of Soma’s and mine ever since.

I recently caught up with the good doctor for the occasion of his son Myles’ eighth birthday in late September  (sorry I lied – I didn’t want to upset Neil by telling him it wasn’t for him!) .  Myles and all his friends had a great time . . . as did all the so-called adults in the room, especially Neil!

The “Never Grow Up” Lesson is Clear

Learn to have fun … and creativity will naturally flow.  The creativity you need to publish several books, in fact, almost REQUIRES you to be a child again!  So be an example for your coaching clients and start having FUN!!

“Doc” certainly does.  Not only is he a best-selling author, his son Myles is one too!  Already first published at age seven (!) Myles Shulman has recently completed a book-signing tour – complete with media interviews – for the release of his epic for children, Make The World Happy, now available in major bookstores and Amazon!  If he can write and publish a book . . .

What’s Your Excuse??

Why are you waiting to publish your book??  Learn how to start having more fun AND share your wisdom and stories with the world through articles and books!  Neil, Myles and I have done it . . . and so can YOU!  Click on the button below to get your FREE BEST-SELLER CHECKLIST.  This step-by-step guide will help you plan and publish your book, and in no time, you’ll be one of those happy people Myles talks about!

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