My wife Brigitte is from Germany, so her family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (they have Oktoberfest in September-October . . . this is when Europeans, Americans and Japanese all get together in Munich to eat, sing out of tune, and drink themselves stupid).   But she has since been here over 20 years, embraced our native custom with great enthusiasm, and loves to prepare for it.  Because this is such a focal point these days for all Americans, I’ve put together a few thoughts about this yearly holiday feast: The holiday we celebrate on the last Thursday in November is a way to commemorate... (Read More ...)

Cold Days on a Unicycle… As you may remember from last week’s blog post, I was starting out on a 200-mile journey on a UNICYCLE ride from Smyrna, Georgia to Anniston, Alabama and back this past Thursday, November 13th.  I’m riding for charity…. but I gotta tell you… it’s been COLD out here these past few days!!  According to all weather reports I’ve heard, this is the coldest stretch in over 40 years . . . just my luck to plan a ride in such weather, huh! But the ride for charity must go on . . . Thank goodness the heat of pedaling has kept me from becoming... (Read More ...)

It’s Official. As the self-proclaimed “Uni-Dude” – I have lost my mind. I’m finally biting the bullet and riding 200 miles for charity – on a unicycle – starting Thursday, November 13th  . . . at age 62!  This will be the longest single ride I’ve ever attempted.   A Unicycle Story In 2009 I couldn’t make it more than one mile without wheezing and trying to catch my breath.  I had recently failed a stress test, so I knew I needed to work out, but I hated going to the gym. It was then I realized I used to love to ride a unicycle as a kid... (Read More ...)