Why Most Coaches (And Millions of Others) Are Ignorant About Money How many times have you told someone “I don’t know much about investment matters”?  How often have you felt uncomfortable speaking with your attorney, investment adviser or accountant about that elusive thing called “retirement”? If it’s more than once or twice, then you are I was until recently – a “Money Ignoramus“! Ignorance about money, however, does not make you stupid; far from it.  You have been kept from the truth by money “advisers,” many of whom derive... (Read More ...)

I just finished reading an article by writer Mark Davis in the Living Section of today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution entitled “Time for a Game Plan?  Some Call in a Life Coach for Advice.”  The category heading of the article was “Trends,” so I suspect the AJC has its fingers on the pulse of the public after all! This AJC article is only the latest barrage of articles, blog posts, and media human interest stories that have come to light over the past few years.  If you are a life coach or business coach who sometimes feels alone or dejected because you don’t... (Read More ...)

Crazy Stupid? My wife Brigitte and I have long planned to write a book together about couples, how they go through “crazy stupid stuff,” and how they can get beyond it.  We wanted to share our experience of multiple marriages, and twenty years in our current marriage (our anniversary is in March!) for those who need some tools to overcome difficult patches in their marriage or union. So finally we are doing it!  If you are a couple looking for practical answers, this book is for you.  If you are a life coach or relationship counselor, this book will become a valuable addition to... (Read More ...)

How Often Do You Complete Your Resolutions? . . . Or how often do your life coaching clients do this??  If the answer is ‘seldom’ you (and they) are not alone.  Roughly 70% of all New Years resolutions fail to carry steam after January.  Lack of commitment to take consistent action, in fact, is the number one reason why resolutions fail! There is a way, however, to make resolutions in such a way that they not only stick, but get completed in record time because you WANT to commit to taking the actions necessary to finish the job! Last year about this time, I shared my “12 Magical... (Read More ...)