How Often Do You Complete Your Resolutions?

followthrough Make New Years Resolutions Stick in 2015. . . Or how often do your life coaching clients do this?? 

If the answer is ‘seldom’ you (and they) are not alone.  Roughly 70% of all New Years resolutions fail to carry steam after January.  Lack of commitment to take consistent action, in fact, is the number one reason why resolutions fail!

There is a way, however, to make resolutions in such a way that they not only stick, but get completed in record time because you WANT to commit to taking the actions necessary to finish the job! Last year about this time, I shared my “12 Magical Steps to Make Resolutions Come True,” and pointed out these steps are applicable to any year’s goal-setting.

The first 3 steps are:

  1. Write down what you love – Get to know your current passion and focus.
  2. Write down “Sticky Things,” i.e., the things that stand between you and what you love.
  3. Write down your Legacy – What would you hope to stand for in 2015?

Goal Setting Made Easy (er)

There are nine more of these steps, so click here to get them all in the short video on the subject I created last year.  I’ve been using these steps for years, and is the main reason I was able (with help, of course) to

  • Ride 1000 miles on a unicycle each over the past 4 years for charity
  • Publish several books and hundreds of articles
  • Continue to enjoy a successful marriage
  • build a successful family business
  • Pay off all our debts
  • Take numerous and rewarding vacations, and
  • Maintain optimal health and happiness.

Obviously your goals and needs are different than mine.  The beautiful thing about this process, however, is that it doesn’t matter . . . YOU can get everything you focus on, and continue to focus on, for a given length of time.  That’s no secret.  The REAL secret is how to maintain that focus and still enjoy life in the process.  That’s what the “12 Magic Steps” reveal.

So check them out!