birdcouple 300x300 New Book Celebrates Stupid Men, Crazy WomenCrazy Stupid?

My wife Brigitte and I have long planned to write a book together about couples, how they go through “crazy stupid stuff,” and how they can get beyond it.  We wanted to share our experience of multiple marriages, and twenty years in our current marriage (our anniversary is in March!) for those who need some tools to overcome difficult patches in their marriage or union.

So finally we are doing it!  If you are a couple looking for practical answers, this book is for you.  If you are a life coach or relationship counselor, this book will become a valuable addition to your coaching arsenal . . . and can add more spice and happiness to your own relationships as well!

The Book

We set a goal for this year to complete a rough draft of the book by the end of January, and publish it by the end of March, 2015.  The working title is

Men Are Stupid, Women are Crazy: 

How To Harness The Hidden Powers That Make Your Marriage Work!

This new book will reveal:

  1. How Men became Stupid
  2. How Women became Crazy
  3. The Key to a Long-term relationship
  4. What Men and Women Really Need
  5. Your Marriage GPS
  6. The 10-Minute Resolution Method
  7. Relationships and Ancestors
  8. Make It Work:  The Stupid Man Plan
  9. Make It Work: The Crazy Woman Plan
  10. Food and Hormones:  Atomic Fuel for Relationships
  11. Creating Your Own Heaven on Earth
  12. and Much, Much More!

As an added bonus, we wanted to make it funny and fun to read. And we wanted to make it ultimately affordable, so here’s what we’ll do . . .

How To Get Your Free Copy

If you are a couple, we want your stories.  Send us a story of at least 500 words on how your relationship illustrates “stupid men, crazy women” and we’ll send all United States residents a free hard copy of our new book, once published, for only the price of shipping.

If you are outside the US, send us your story and we will show you how to get a free PDF E-Book version of the same book.

So click below to sign up if you are interested, and we will send you details via email very soon.  And thanks in advance for your contribution!

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