(Part 2 of a 3-Part Series) In Part 1 of this Series I covered the myth that “eating fat makes you fat,” and gave recommendations on which types of fat to avoid, and which ones are fine. In this article, I go somewhat in-depth into the metabolic factors involved in weight gain or weight loss, and how best to coach someone who comes to you with a weight problem. Unless you are a doctor or health professional, the information below may appear to be a bit technical, but I will try to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. As a coach, you need to be aware of this information so that... (Read More ...)

(Part 1 of a 3-Part Series) The Pitfalls of Weight-Loss Coaching George was a life coach who consulted with clients about weight loss, diet and nutrition.  One of his long-time clients (we’ll call her Sally) could not lose weight, no matter what she did.  George tried everything to help Sally, starting with divulging to her the “secrets” he was taught that provide the basis for any weight loss program: 1) Eat less and 2) Exercise more.  George and Sally spent weeks and months on her program, starting with a sensible change of lifestyle, i.e., eating smaller portions, cutting... (Read More ...)

So what the heck is a “Kahuna” And what does this have to do with coaching success?? A lot.  You see, the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas (“Ka” means “keeper” and “Huna” means “secret”) were known for performing miracles.  Their “secret” was the inner knowledge that miracles happen when you find a powerful force, put your intention in the direction of that force, and let that force carry you to unbelievable heights. They did this by harnessing the synergistic power of the THREE SELVES – the Unihipili, Uhane and Aumakua.  They... (Read More ...)